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Short card gold today at Walmart, must have dumped a box of short cards into the bin to top it up, because I found all these basically in one go, without digging.

Award for the ugliest Hot Wheels Mustang goes to the poor '92, I bought it just because, but the others made up for it. lol



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ha ha ha , nope, not a person of Walmart.

However, dammit, I was back today to pick up the other four Greenlight Vintage Ad Cars in the series.....I mean, they were all there !!!!!

Never in my life did I imagine an AMC Matador would be a diecast, I remember them back in the day though, my dad had a red Gremlin actually......

Plus a tip of the hat to the members of MM who have served in the police services with the Coronet.





Found this die cast pic of the Diplomat.

Now that I see the front end, maybe it’s not that close to the Coronet from above.
I guess the Coronet front is more Iconic, resembling the Cordoba, so it sticks with you more.

Well, sticks with me more. 😬

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I drove a few of them too

we had an unmarked 1984 with the 318 4 barrel

it would do 200 KPH 👍
125 MPH in a 4 door American made Sedan was good in 1984 Trevor

This Dodge replaced an 82 Full Size Ford LTD that had a gutless 302, 2 barrel that had a Top Speed of 150 kph with a Tail wind and only 140 kph with a head wind

So back in 84 that fact that the Plymouth would do 200 kph was impressive compared to the Shit Box Ford that it replaced