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Ho, I see the green wheels on the 2020 now.
Hadn’t noticed that til now.

Looks a little odd to the uninitiated like me.
If I had run across that, I likely would have left it on the shelf because the wheels don’t match the rest of the car.

I mean it’s an OE looking car but has clashing wheels.

I’m used to seeing Hot Wheels with colourful schemes, but on them the whole car is colourful.
Anyway, I just learned something.


I have been curious about this one Greenlight car I have.
It’s a Shelby Cobra.
It’s on a cardboard backing as opposed to the injected plastic we are accustomed to seeing.
I only have the one and think it came from a Walmart a few years back.
Ever since I got it, I’ve only ever seen Greenlight models in the plastic package.

Can you shed any light on it?



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No idea, might be an early version of the upgraded models, before the plastic package was used? I see green print, which is odd. I never would have figured out the whole green version thing either, but I had emailed one of the sellers on eBay with a question one time, and that was the answer I got, so I'm no expert by any means. :D

Either way, thats a really nice version you've got there Marc.


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In one of those random thoughts that occur every once and a while, I wondered what the difference was between a $1.25 Hot Wheels and an $8.00 to $10.00 Greenlight diecast. I had a spare Green Light Track Attack series GT350, so against all the rules of collecting (lol) I popped it out of the package and compared side by each.....


Greenlight features rear tail light colour, exhaust tips, correct emblem on the trunk lid.

Let's look at the front......



Greenlight has turn signals, marker lights, headlights, front splitter clearly defined, better grille openings with upper grille dividers, correct wheels, tires with tread , front grille and fender GT350 emblems, clear windshield with correct dash, and the body panels are correct.

Finally, Greenlight hood opens to reveal the CAI, aluminum cross member, intake and coil covers.


Was I bored ? Yes. lol


Yah, big difference between the two.
Never took a Greenlight out of package.
Glad you showed that.
Now I know what I pay for.

You expect odd colours from the Hot Wheels.
Like the red stripe up here, clashing with the yellow.
But to me, the green wheels look a bit out of place on the Greenlight with all the other accurate details.


The jacked up one was there last time I went.
Couldn’t bring myself to buy it.

The 65 is real nice though.
I must go see if that one might have appeared back in stock.


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Another bump......out doing some early Christmas shopping at Walmart, found these upscale Hot Wheels, $6.00 each.

I bought the Silverado's because I had an '84 Silverado K1500 back in the early through to the late 90's with a stance much like the blue one, only mine was black, but close enough and the Lightning is on my lottery win bucket list. lol


Another to the Gulf theme...