65 Again: 2017 Shelby GT350

Just FYI for you Ecoboost owners out there.
Had a peak under this 2015 2.3 today and it has the orange coolant as well.

Would be just as advise-able to get it changed in those cars as much as the Coyote cars.

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For sure. Flushed and replaced mine ('17 Eco) with the yellow at 90,000 kms as it was about due for a coolant refresh anyway. Dealer said the CVC-13DL-G was the compatible replacement.
First up was the J&L passenger side oil separator.
At first I was a bit perplexed because the factory plumbing has a 45 degree connector but this piece came with two 90 degree connectors.

It wasn’t going to connect like the factory piece.

After looking at it a bit, I concluded I could make it work by unplugging one wire on top of the throttle body and routing the plumbing under it instead of over it like the factory piece.



Here you see the 45 degree connector on the right end of the factory plumbing.


This is the wire the 90 degree connector wasn’t going to clear.
Whereas the 45 degree connector from the factory cleared it easily.


So I disconnected the wire from here and routed the J&L plumbing under it.


Here you see the finished installation.

Because the underside of this car is all shielded and ducted, there is basically nowhere to hook on to at the rear for trailering or even to put on a dyno.

So I got these tie downs from Ford Performance.
They bolt into existing holes and are a factory piece on the Cobra Jet Mustangs.
There are 4 hooks, one for each corner but I plan on only using the rear ones.
In front there are nice hook points on the K member.



When I saw pictures of these on the internet I was afraid they were too narrow for strap hooks to fit properly.
The first thing I did was test fit the strap hooks.
They passed the test nicely.

They charged me $130.00 on the black Friday sale.

It’s probably closer to $160.00 regular.

They told me it was their cost price on the Ford Performance filter.
They initially quoted me for the Airaid filter but at last minute did not want to take chance of slight difference so sold me FP for same price they had quoted Airaid.

The same filter sold by Airaid is a bit less expensive than getting it from FP.

Now we have proof it’s the same filter.
It’s in the Airaid box with a FP part sticker on.