2021 Fall Run New Brunswick Miramichi/Acadian Peninsula/Bathurst


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Well we have arrived to our final destination In bathurst. The Atlantic host. It was an awesome day that only gave us a bit of rain but it never lasted. Thank you Max for leading the group this year trough some very awesome routes and to Gerry for mapping it all out and spending lots of time on it. Thank you everyone who attended this year's run. Looking forward to an awesome evening.


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Another fall run in the books, Covid messed with numbers a bit, but great bunch, few new folks
and as always a great weekend. Seen some amazing spots, bit of rain but nothing serious.
Pretty good roads and some very cool cars and as always great people.

Special thanks to all who helped, without these folks, runs / events would never happen,
Far more work behind the scenes than most will ever know.

Max, leading and organizing coffee stop and thanks to Hathaway Ford for Hosting us.
Coffee and Muffins on site, was great stop.

Jen and Charlie for organizing Hotels once again, far more work than most would know.

Gerry Organizing the amazing route we took, once again doing a great job.

Most of all, those who made the trip, which makes the run a great event.

Thank you everyone for a great weekend, highlight of our summer :)


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Yeah we just made it home. 8 cars left from the hotel this morning and ended up with 4 by the time we got to moncton as some went in different directions home after Miramichi. Max brought us trough some nice new roads again. We had an awesome weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting new people as well. A few pics from today.



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as everyone above, weekend was awesome! Thanks for the opportunity of leading the group through part of the province i call home. Very good weekend that without the persons involved couldn’t happen. Special thanks on my end as well to Tazza Caffe for the delicious muffins and coffee catered and to Hatheway Ford for not only hosting us but also organizing with Tazza to provide us with the coffee and muffins ☕️ !
The small group today left Bathurst on the coast with a stop in Pokeshaw, followed by a run in land under Grande-Anse to join hwy 11 towards Tracadie/miramichi. Crossed from 11 towards 126 through a bumpppppppy road to join Rogersville.
As always, a weekend filled with friends, cars and a who

Keep them pictures coming!