2021 Fall Run New Brunswick Miramichi/Acadian Peninsula/Bathurst


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Fall run September 18th 2021
Hello Everyone,

So the fall run this year as most of you know will be In new Brunswick We will be leaving Miramichi On Saturday Sept 18th at 9:00AM. We will be doing a Acadian Peninsula run and ending our day and evening in Bathurst. The actual details of the run will be posted as we get closer to the run date as we always need to fine tune due to construction and stuff out of our control. We have had some preliminary discussions and Gerry has lots of the homework done already. Thanks for the work put into it so far Gerry.
We wanted to start the thread so people could reserve their room or rooms and get their name added to the sign up sheet.

The sign up sheet will be in the next post.

Hotel info for the fall run
Remember you are responsible to confirm your own room reservations

My wife Jen did some homework and here is what Trevor and I and have come up with.

For those who would be coming up on the Friday night September 17th in Miramichi we will be staying at the Rodeway Inn and Suites 20-rooms have been blocked off until August 31rst. Block of rooms is under "Maritime Mustang"

The rates are $85 a night for either a king suite or 2-double beds. There are a few drive up rooms as well. Free hot breakfast included. It has been recently renovated. There is no restaurant on site however there are a couple walking distance for anyone who wants to go and eat. Delivery is also an option if you don't want to leave. They will also have a small room for us to get together in on Friday night if we so desire.

333 King George Hwy, Miramichi,
1 (506) 627-1999

You need to call and Book by August 31rst after that the block of remaining rooms is released. You can cancel by 4:00pm September 16th if anything happens that you can no longer make it or due to covid reasons we need to cancel the run
Saturday Night September 18th In Bathurst
At the Atlantic Host-25-rooms have been Blocked off until August 18th. Block of rooms under "Maritime Mustang"

The rates here are $115.00+ tax a night. No breakfast included. They have a mixture of king, Queen and 2 double bed rooms. They do have an on site restaurant which they said they should be able to accommodate us for 7:00pm on Saturday depending on numbers and covid. We went ahead and made the reservation for 50 people at the restaurant and we will adjust it if needed.. So please let us know if you reserved a room and if you will be coming for supper and how many people.

1450 Vanier Blvd, Bathurst,
1 (506) 548-3335
Call to reserve by August 18th after that the block of rooms will be released. You have until September 17th at 4:00pm to cancel your room if anything comes up.
Sign up sheet Fall run


1. Charlie and Jen
2. Trevor and Aliona
3. Gerry and Jackie
4. Maxime and Julie
5. Chris and Shelley
6. Kevin and Cindy
7. Perry and Brenda
8. Dave and Bev
9. Fred and Linda
10. Ross and Sally
11. Glenn and Sharon
12.Terry and Pauline
13. Paul and Judy
14. Roger and Carolyn
15. Scott and Donna
16. Albert and Darlene
17. Martin
18. Roy and Sharon
19. Mike and Carol Ann
20. Stephen and Diane

Supper at the Atlantic Host 7:00PM Saturday

1.Charlie and Jen
2. Trevor and Aliona
3. Gerry
4. Maxime and Julie
5. Chris and Shelley
6. Kevin and Cindy
7. Fred and Linda
8. Ross and Sally
9. Glenn and Sharon
10. Terry and Pauline
11. Paul and Judy
12. Roger and Carolyn
13. Scott and Donna
14.Albert and Darlene
15. Martin
16. Roy and Sharon
17. Mike and Carol Ann
18. Stephen and Diane
cindy and kevin booked at both places . took them little wile to find it said we were first ones. Put our names down for run plus supper please

OK thanks for the heads up will call tomorrow and make sure everything is good.

Both hotels have it under "Maritime Mustang". Just called and confirmed this so you should all be good to go.
Yes I have eaten there before Fred. Very good food. We are going to adopt the same format we adopted last year for lunch as it worked out great. We will land in a small town ( yet to be finalized) with plenty of good choices and people chose where they would like to go and meet back at a pre determined meeting place to continue our run. People get to chose what type of food they like and no pre planning needed for reservations and stuff. Breaks it up for the local restaurants as well. Win win.
Thanks for the suggestions Fred. We will definitely have losts of choices In any of the communitys we may end up in. Like I mentioned above the route and lunch location is still to be determined as we have been watching a scheduled construction project that may change our routes a bit. We will try to give as much notice as possible.