2021 Fall Run New Brunswick Miramichi/Acadian Peninsula/Bathurst

as everyone above, weekend was awesome! Thanks for the opportunity of leading the group through part of the province i call home. Very good weekend that without the persons involved couldn’t happen. Special thanks on my end as well to Tazza Caffe for the delicious muffins and coffee catered and to Hatheway Ford for not only hosting us but also organizing with Tazza to provide us with the coffee and muffins ☕️ !
The small group today left Bathurst on the coast with a stop in Pokeshaw, followed by a run in land under Grande-Anse to join hwy 11 towards Tracadie/miramichi. Crossed from 11 towards 126 through a bumpppppppy road to join Rogersville.
As always, a weekend filled with friends, cars and a who

Keep them pictures coming!
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Bird Shit Island in Pokeshaw
Thanks to all of the organizers for making this run our first to always remember. Great pictures and great people.


Nice meeting you and Ross this weekend here as well! I promise, the usual 2007 Mustang still runs the Rogersville road the same when it works ;) Next time I won't have a rental, BUT will be at a real power disadvantage ;)

Glad to hear you liked it, a lot more runs to come!
Slowly getting through the pics from the run.

Had to snap the Comet at the first stop.

Here a couple from Shippagan at the boats which I thought needed my attention more than I needed lunch.

At the end of the No 1 highway to the left it goes to the start of the boardwalk.

Following that road leads to a large camp ground where the clouds were beginning to form.

Last shot was the heavenly site of Mustangs under a clearing sky in Caraquet.
That would make a great aerial shot of the cars parked below on a run.

That is the thing, the way the run was planned, we simply couldn't get to the lighthouse and back in proper times on this run. But knowing it's out there, it gives everyone the chance to come back in my little part of the world to explore further ;)
For references, Google Maps gives 36 minutes (one way) from Shippagan to the Miscou lighthouse without doing any of the beautiful detours around the coast of Lameque Island. :) Lots of possibilities ;)