2021 Fall Run New Brunswick Miramichi/Acadian Peninsula/Bathurst


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Went to Neguac yesterday.Roads good from Miramichi up but 126 not great.One construction detour with gravel and one stretch with lots of holes.Had a bear run across in front of me and came across someone who must have hit something.There were two police cars and they were looking for something in the ditch.Lots of wildlife.
So for those that might be coming up 126, One (1) section that was under construction (milled) has now been paved. Still missing the lines and final tie-in to the keys, but it’s all asphalt.
The other section Dave @SilverGT is referring to is closer to Barnaby shortly before Miramichi city limits. They are changing the culvert under the road and have a loop detour. The detour is probably less than a km of dirt. With the rain Friday night, it does have an extensive amount of potholes in it. I only live 10 minutes away from this section of road. I’ll slip out Thursday evening and provide an update. Who knows, if the weather holds out, maybe they’ll have it back filled and paved by Friday!


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FYI changed the meeting location on Friday for those want to take a scenic drive to Miramichi to the Canadian Tire/Sobey's parking lot In Shediac. Nearby fuel and washroom facilities. Plan on leaving there around 3:00PM depending on Pei/ Nova Scotia Crew arrival.


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I will be unable to make it. :(. Some family stuff happening here, then I will have to be around the house. Enjoy guys and send pictures.


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What are the mask requirements in New Brunswick? Do we have to register going to NB off just coming back to NS?
No mask requirements as of today, but with the recent spike in cases, Wouldn't be surprised if the mask comes back. As far as travelling, again as of today, nothing imposed on NB side, and you have your paperwork going back in NS if I'm not mistaken.

Keep an eye on the news from here to Friday morning regarding masks in NB and travel registrations, as it's two thing that's been talked about in the 6 o' clock news last night after the 122 cases spike from last weekend.


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I’m planning to be at the Enfield Big stop - ready to leave at 12
That should put us in Aulac about 1:45- 2 PM leave
If the PEI group is going to meet us there we can stop and wait for you .
It’s about 40 minutes from Aulac to the CTC meet point in Shediac , in time for a 3pm meet there

Sounds like a great plan to me there Gerry. So looking forward to some R and R in the car with some great people.

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Hey guys,

Hate to do this my friends but with the recent spike in Covid up here Sally and I took the hard decision to pass on this year's run :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:. But with high numbers up in our area and knowing some folks that have it or had it I think it's wise to stay put for this year, sucks real bad though!!

We also have a new grandson that helped make that decision easier as we take care of him quite often so playing it safe on this side as well.

Once again hate to do this but it is what it is I guess, damn Covid !! Really hope to be able to do this fall run next year !!!

Enjoy and lots of photos please.................................