2016 Mustang GT California Special

After a few issues I finally got the caliper covers and installed them today. Like the look and time will tell how they hold up. Hard to show with a picture but gives everyone an idea.

Exhaust is still on order so who knows when that will come in.

The Magnaflow Competition has been installed. First thoughts…..exactly the sound I was looking for. Deep throaty exhaust and has quite a rumble to it. Might be a touch louder than I wanted but at 80km/h and 120km/h you don’t really know it’s there especially with the tunes going. Going through the gears (quickly or slowly) it doesn’t take much to get it going and people know you are there :cool:

Install was not that bad. A few things differ from what CJ video tells you and what MF instructions tell you. I’d say almost in between the two as far as measurements go and best way to hang the exhaust. Extra set of hands are nice (luckily I got an extra set quickly when I discovered I needed them lol) and worst part was getting them positioned right. One side perfect right away and the other side not so much. Go figure. Anyway all done so next are lowering springs I’d say.

Fresh off the dyno run in New Hampshire. It was interesting to learn more about the car. Came to me with a JLT intake and an SCT tuner. I assumed it had a tune somewhere along the way. Guess I was wrong lol as there was no tune to be found. This is an intake that needs a tune by the way. Well now I have one….actually two. Car has a limiter at 155mph. Probably won’t ever see that fast but if I do then I can try the other tune which should get rid of the limiter ?