2016 Mustang GT California Special

True. Like Max mentioned, a video that I watched also talked about the better insulation in the newer models. So maybe I can go louder without a drone lol.

Something to keep in mind:
Loudness of an exhaust is not necessarily a predictor of whether it drones or not.

Drones is not caused by loudness.
It is a result of harmonics from the engine.

Quality exhaust filter drone regardless of being low noise or loud.

On other hand, not so quality exhaust will have drone whether low moise model or louder model.

If not having drone is a priority, you should really pay attention when someone says a particular system is absolutely drone free.
It might be advisable to focus search in that direction.

Something I’ve stated before from experience.
Magnaflow has some drone.
Borla, or specifically, FP by Borla has no drone whatsoever.

Important clues in such words.
And, if you pay close attention to Bill and the AM videos, they pretty much say that too, just not so directly.

If you want loud, Roush are loud.
Good luck.
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When I went with my setup, I didn't fully trust the many videos as purchase references. I knew I wanted to clear all possible restrictions but have a co-pilot who enjoys a casual, top down cruise. I wanted to get more exhaust note & power add. Going with MBRP & BBK felt like a good midpoint where I could sample the mod and feel like I could replace without a serious hit to finances. I do get a drone in 6th running between 1800-2100 rpm. This is ok, as I can modulate the drone with my right foot and running at a higher rev point. WOT is noticeable in exhaust note and benefitted from the tune at Pete's.

I fixed the neighbor-annoying early morning cold starts by retiring ?
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Ford Performance has some interesting options....

GT350 Cat Back Sport Exhaust , with rear valance... $2500 US. ouch.

BOSS 302 style side dumps....

30 years, your 50 now and gov employee, no way your working til your 80 :p

Videos are tricky IMO, if anyone has something even close, listen to live go for a spin
far better to judge. Max prefers H for sound, I prefer X for performance
big arguement that X gives 1-2 hp more, I don't think so, but its proven
exhaust breaths better, sooo :) Performance over style I say,
if you can have both bonus :)
Argument that X is better than H is debatable.

Articles in former MM&FF magazine by Scott HOAG, retired Ford engineer and former lead engineer on 2001 Bullitt and 2003-04 Mach 1 projects says it’s not true.
He is also the founder of MRT.

He says no measurable difference between the two.
That biggest difference is sound.

But even if X pipe was better scavenger and gave you 1 or 2 extra hp, that would only manifest in a highly modified car with blower, ported heads, cams, LT’s or the like.

On a weekend toy with only CAI and little else, you might as well go with the sound you prefer.

I prefer H pipe for sound too but I also drink the Cool Aid that I’m serving here.
My 06 has X pipe with the LT’s and many mods but my 15 has H pipe with way fewer mods.

Today my 25mm spacers arrived. Back and forth a couple times over the last few weeks trying to decide 20mm or 25mm. Well the 25mm won and I’m pretty happy with what it did. That was one thing that bugged me about this car. The front wheels especially were just tucked in too far. Well this took care of it and not an expensive mod to do either. Just a minor heat attack when I did one side and dropped it then noticed the front was a little over a half inch higher finished side over not finished side. Just needed to settle lol
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Keep a lookout for vibrations.
You may need to take wheels off and re-torque spacers.
Then repeat wheel torque process.

That’s the downside of these.

Be cognizant if you drift into Mexico for adventurous driving.
Not a safe as direct bolt on for going to Mexico, especially if road is twisty.
Keep a lookout for vibrations.
You may need to take wheels off and re-torque spacers.
Then repeat wheel torque process.

That’s the downside of these.

Be cognizant if you drift into Mexico for adventurous driving.
Not a safe as direct bolt on for going to Mexico, especially if road is twisty.
Will do. Took it out after install and no changes in how it drove. Nice and smooth at the moment. Got on and off it pretty good lol so first run was positive. But I will keep a lookout for sure. Such a different beast compared to the Saleen.
To be noted, ran similar spacers (20mm all around) on the Focus ST for well over 3 years. If you're diligent at first install with install correctness and proper torquing, you won't have to worry much. I've Autocrossed the car on them multiple times and checked right after an event, they never came loose.
In my experience, never came loose, never caused vibration of any kind. (y)
Enjoy the new looks ;)
Just put a set of spacers on my F-150. Since day one that truck had a real bad pull to the left and after 7-8 alignments and only 52 000 kms problem still there. Talked to a guy at the Border Checkpoint a few weeks ago that had put some on his truck and after I commented that it looked good he said his truck drove like crap until he put the spacers on. Figured I had nothing to loose so did the same and don't ask me why or how but my issue is now gone ???? No shake, no vibration and truck dives totally different and straight !! Go figure ??
Wow, That's surprising. At last, whatever the spacers achieved, good for you Roger! Worth noting the Focus was feeling a little more planted to the ground (only 20mm per side, might be placebo but seemed to help a bit). Not talking day and night difference, simply a little to be felt (again, maybe new mod fever :ROFLMAO:)
No plans of doing mods this year. Just wanted to drive it, get used to it and then make a list. Well so much for that.

First off the easy one brake caliper covers. Been toying with these for a while and finally said ok why not. GT/CS on them and went with black. Most go red but I wanted to keep the black/silver kinda look to the outside. Found them as cheap as they get through TDot Performace. They have a 10% Labour Day promo code so that decided it for me.

Then I made the mistake of looking around more. All of a sudden a promo code popped up for Magnaflow. Meant to be. A couple weeks ago I decided on Magnaflow Axle Back Competition. So that code was 20% off. Limited time promo again through TDot Performance so placed a separate order on that. Crazy though. The price for the exhaust all in (shipping and tax included to my door) was cheaper than anything in the US with base price converted into Canadian funds. So a no brainer.


So I will keep you posted on how it all goes once everything gets here and install happens. Lowering it next. But that for sure will be spring ;)