2013 GT Convertible - Rogue 5.0 Life!

On the brake rotors, unless you plan on going to the track and need the extra diameter to manage heat, I would keep the same size.
Because larger rotor is extra rotational mass to move.

Get a quality 2 piece rotor with aluminium hat so it won’t rust like you have now, and it will be lighter than those stock rotors.
It will be acceleration friendly.
And still give excellent stopping.
The rear callipers on Mustangs, despite being small, are quality and perform very well.

Rotors like a Baer eradispeed 2 piece with aluminium hats.
Or Wilwood equivalent.
Smooth face or slotted only.
Not cross drilled.
Cross drilled can crack, and collect brake dust in the holes.
No noticeable or measurable gains, and the brake dust rusts when water touches it.
Thanks for the info on the oil and the notes on the rotors. I’ll definitely look into the 2 piece aluminum hat rotor. I was tempted to paint some of the rotor just so it didn’t look so bad.
Wheels back on tonight. I’ll have the torque wrench with me this weekend,…
I’m happy with how the calipers turned out. Onto the oil change tomorrow night.
Now I just gotta keep hoping for nicer weather in Miramichi so I can get to Moncton Friday morning.
Nice job on the paint. ?

So now you have black callipers in front and red in back?

Those are the brake pack wheels for the verts.

I guess the red picks up the red Brembo letters on the front.
I wanted to try the rear calipers first to see how they would turn out, before I tackled the Brembo up front. I do intend on tackling the front and painting them as well. I’ll redecal with white Brembo lettering/logo.
I feel the front will be visually more pleasing since they are the larger caliper (more surface color).
Small steps at a time will get me there.

Now that summer is essentially upon us, between camping and Mustang activities/runs, weekends are booked. So this only leaves evenings after work for projects.
And the grass still needs to be mowed!
I got the interior fever. During the Dyno Run, Al (@Mineral Grey ) and I took a run to Tim Hortons Sunday morning. I was impressed with his screen/radio set-up. I also noticed his back-up camera and how well it was mounted. So Al tells me Jason at Kustom in Saint John hooked him up.
Long story, phone call, email and I’m just waiting for an install price for a KIT-MUS1.
I have the tech package with the back-up sensors, but no camera. I miss having a camera in the Mustang since our current daily drivers both have back-up cameras.
Anybody have the MUS1 installed? Pros, Cons and/or other recommendations. I’m and Apple user and listen to Spotify as well.
Image pulled from Google.
Jason is a personal friend and Jeff his sound guy is a pro - they won’t disappoint you and he is a mustang and F guy through and through

I have see those kits go $300 -$ 400 bucks they ain’t cheap but they plug and play and look oh so good

I think someone said ya only go around once
It was calling for wet and rainy weather so weekend camping trip to Hardings Point was cancelled. I was happy with how the rear turned out so I decided to tackle the front calipers. Now they match @67 AGAIN
I have new decals being made to replace the Brembo I painted over.
Stay tuned for finished pics later in the week.