2013 GT Convertible - Rogue 5.0 Life!


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Well since I’m new to the group and have only been “detailing” the car at this point, what better chance to start dropping pics in and build-up notes as I start this long overdue journey.
I purchased the car in February 2021.
2013 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 401A
5.0L, 6 Speed, 3:55 (I wanted 3:73)
Brembo Brake Package
Track Pack
Tech Package (although I am nervous about Sync 1)
Performance White Exterior
Charcoal Black with Cashmere Leather Interior
Mostly stock, but previous owner added the stripes, Weathertech front mats and CDC Light Bar behind front seats.
Car also came with a cover.

October 2019 before putting it away for Winter, previous owner had all new brakes, rotors and rear Calipers installed. Along with new Michelin Pilot Tires. The car put 1200 kms on it since this work was completed.

I’ve been price shopping for the following updates for 2021:
JLT PS 3.0 Catch Oil Can
JLT Series II Cold Air Intake
Borla Cat-Back S-Type Exhaust (Origionally was looking at ATAK, but after feedback from group, have switched to S-Type)
SCT Tuner

Here are some recent pics:


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I think you will like those tires AS/3 sport. I’m on my second set. Watch the inside edge for signs of wear on the front. The S197 cars - mine included, are fussy on toe settings. Rotate every 5000k and life will be good. Right foot determines rear tire life! Lol ?
Help on Shift Lock-Out.
So, now that winter is upon us, I want to get out in front of “parts”. Deliveries were in the toilet in 2021 so I don’t want to run into that again in 2022.
Here’s where I’m at:
Ordering a JLT CAI and an SCT X4 Tuner.

My car shifts beautifully (manual) when driving “normal”. When I stand on ‘er and really pushing the throttle hard, I can’t get from 2-3. I’m not sure if I’m trying too hard and miss it? My teeth cringe when I miss and over-rev. What can I order or do to help with this issue? Short throw shifter? Additional support? I’m running 3:55.
Mgw, Makes a great shifter and seem to be one of the better choices
for the Mustang, not sure whats happeneing during your shift,
but this might solve some of the issues.
I've never used an MGW, but I'll agree with Trevor, purely based on the number of posts on some other forums about that brand, they're well built and well engineered, good mod to add to the list.

Not sure how sloppy the factory S550 shifter is, but I recall my stock S197 shifter was sloppier than a porn starlet after a gang bang.

Swapped my S197 OEM shifter for a Steeda short throw shifter, and it definitely helped with the 2-3 enthusiasm mis shift, been there, done it.
I toiled with deciding between MGW and Barton. Went the Barton direction and added the 2 post bracket. Barton is a very clean shift through lower gears, so would answer your concern. On other forums, I recall seeing some upgrades have gone with MGW shifter and the Barton bracket. Only observation I can add on the down side is that reverse gear takes some effort, part of the upgrade and clean shift profile. Rather miss R and try again than hit an over-rev, especially if you’ve got Mopar or Chev in the other lane! Running S197, tho…
Very common issue on the Getrag MT82 6 speed cars.
Basically 2011 to present.

This is the reason Shelbys and now the Mach 1 have Tremec transmissions.

Not really a transmission issue as much as a shifter support issue with the Getrag.

MGW is a very good option.
So is Barton.

Another option, or even in combination with either MGW or Barton, is Blowfish Racing’s shifter support bracket.
Designed specifically to address the issue.
Provides all the support the shifter needs.

The early S197 have a Tremec T5 5 speed and any short throw shifter works well with that baby.
I have a Hurst Short throw on mine and can bang gears at track all day long without missing a beat.

I digress.
Here are a couple pics of Blowfish part.



For real advice, I would resign to ordering from Canadian supplier and give Dasilva Racing a call to see what they recommend.
They put this stuff through the paces at the drag strip and could tell you exactly what works best, and under what conditions.
Well, I pulled the pin on what I would consider a nice upgrade for the 2022 driving season and a Saturday, or two (2) in the garage this winter.
Placed an order today for:
Boss 302 Intake
JLT Series 2 CAI
Barton Short Throw Shifter with Bracket
Steeda Strut tower brace
SCT X4 Tuner

Also want to look at painting my brake calipers before driving season as well. After the above mods of course.

Wish me luck. The Stang is still under cover in the garage. Probably uncover it and start to work in March or April. I’ll post before, during and after profess pics.
All in about 3 hours to tear down and install.
Boss 302 Intake
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Probably spent 30 minutes or so and a trip to town for fuel line to relocate the purge valve (hack on YouTube)
Question for this group:
Sound tube eliminate?
Or leave on?

I still need to hook up the SCT Tuner and load a tune.
With the purge valve relocation I needed to run a 3/8” Fuel Hose. I’m trying to find SS braided hose wrap to place over this hose. Just cosmetic of course.
I’m also tossing around the idea of painting the Steeda Brace White.
Gotta add a personal aluminum (or SS) badge to replace the Steeda badge.