2013 GT Convertible - Rogue 5.0 Life!

With the sloppy weather outside, today was as good a day as any to tackle the Shifter.
Barton Short Throw and 2 piece support bracket.
Approx. 2 hours to complete which included the time to raise the car up on jacks stands.
The item that proved the most difficult was getting that inner rubber seal on the shift boot back in place. So hard to feel in around that area to ensure it was properly seated. Finally got it though.
A lot of the YouTube videos I watched had people complaining about the force needed to put it in Reverse. I really didn’t find it that bad, and if that’s the only hiccup I’ll have to deal with to improve shift lockout from 2nd to 3rd, I’m in!
Just because I’m 50+ doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to shift ?
More progress today. Pulled the Track Pack wheels and waxed the interior of them.
I had the Steeda Strut Tower brace color match painted. Cost more than I was hoping, but I’m glad with the result.
Finished the Purge Valve relocation and then hooked up the SCT X4 Tuner and loaded a 91 Octane Tune.
I’m not goin’ lie, it sounds pretty “snotty”!
Finally decided on a badge for the Strut Tower Brace. Dad passed away in 2013. I’m not sure if it was a ‘73 or ‘74, but he had a Gran Torino the same as seen, red with white stripe. He used to race at the old Dunphys airstrip in Upper Blackville.
Dad always drove Fords, there was always a Grand Marquis in the driveway, some with the small back window. It didn’t matter what he was driving, when it was just the kids, he’d be swinging power turns, spinning tires and jumping green lights.
Thought it only fitting since Dad would have a time if he would drive this Stang!
I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I wanted to paint my Brake Calipers red. I was going to go with the covers, but opted for paint. Step 1 tonight, tear down, clean, couple of coats. Wednesday night, couple more coats. Thursday night, reassemble and pack for NH Dyno Run.
Started another coat of wax to boot….

Future mod is to add the larger rotors and caliper relocation bracket. Have the rear rotor size match the front rotors.

QUESTION - I have ran Castrol oil in all of my vehicles all of my life. Mustang requires an Oil change Thursday night before heading to NH on Friday. I am contemplating Royal Purple Vera’s the Castrol full Synthetic. Thoughts?