What did you do to your mustang today


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I only heard Borla on a 2013 hardtop.Sounded nice but I realize we don't have as much insulation from noise.As Trevor said it's hard to tell the true sound over the internet.
Like Marc mentioned above and I will second it. magna flow is a top notch exhaust for our setup. Just the right sound and not raspy or droney in my mind at all. A step up from stock big time.


Looks like Borla may be right for me.I don't want too loud with the convertible and supposedly Borla is drone free.Now do I want touring or stinger?
Based on your criteria, “I don’t want too loud with the convertible...”, the best fit for that is the touring if you go Borla.
The S type is considerably louder than the touring.
Especially when you get on it.

The touring was a marked improvement over stock on the 2015 and does wake up nicely under throttle input.

Both those brands are good quality.
Good luck and happy shopping.


I watched all the videos again.I like the Borla but they're pricey.The Magnaflow street catback seems tame but has a good sound too.Just hope the 2000-2500 rpm drone isn't there.
If you go street Magnaflow, I have confidence you will be happy with result.
Mine are wide open.
They don't make them any more.
They were called Magnapack.
Probably equivalent to Competition now.


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I watched all the videos again.I like the Borla but they're pricey.The Magnaflow street catback seems tame but has a good sound too.Just hope the 2000-2500 rpm drone isn't there.
based on my experience with the roush on my ‘14, video sound Is totally different than when you are in person, still I’m very happy with what I got. Like with music, not everybody likes the same. About drone, I read a lot about it, but I can’t say if I have it or not...:), but also I use hearing aids.
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I agree it’s hard to pick from the video’s. The fall run may be a good chance to hear some of the combinations on actual cars and talk to the owners. I was lucky to have found a set that don’t drone and a sound that I like for my 2005. Each model has an unique sound and set of challenges to get it just right - Wishing you a good sounding result!


The Roush sounds good.

I don't know about hearing aids but for the most part, if anyone can’t tell if they have drone, they likely don’t have it.
Because when it’s present, it’s an irritant.
But only present for short part of rpm range.
Give or take 1900 to give or take 2100 rpm.
If your car’s gearing is such that when you are cruising at highway speed, you are not in that zone then it should not be much of an issue.
It may go unnoticed.
It’s not noticeable on acceleration when you sail past the 2000 rpm mark.


With my experience with both cars now, I guess I can suggest that you get what you pay for.
My 06 has some drone with the Magnaflow.
Not much though and I don’t spend any time at 2000 rpm so does not bother me.
The Borla or Ford Racing tend to be pricier than the Magnaflow but on the15 I have absolutely zero drone.
The Roush would be considered in that class as well. Pricier but drone free.
In fact, I read several years ago that Borla made the exhaust systems for Ford Racing.
That is now confirmed by Ford in the name.
I also read at the time that Borla made them for Roush.
I’m not surprised by that at all.


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Simple question, do not want in any ways to disrupt from Dave exhaust selection, but am I the only one who feels top down to sound is lessened? For me, top up is a little louder. matter of perception probably!

Dave, as Marc have said, the drone zone is totally 2000rpm. all the above you've posted sounds good, but more often than not hearing in person is the best. He is also right on another point, 90% of the time, Borla is the most ''minimal to no drone'' exhaust choice one can make. On my end, the setup on my car is quite different, axle backs only are done with MBRP and I am happy with it. If I recall, anything Roush is quite loud (anyone can guess what I had on the almost deafening focus? lol). If you have a chance to hear a Roush on your generation of mustang, would be the best for you to pinpoint, but Borla is a solid choice.


The mid range Borla is known as the S type for the S197 and S550 cars.
It’s zero drone as well, but hard to describe.
It’s actually pretty loud if your standing behind the car but surprisingly not loud and a pleasant cruiser inside the car.
It’s like the quiet inside the car does not match the loud outside.
If it’s anything like my touring, I think it’s because they wake up under throttle input but remain pretty docile while steady state cruising.

I get this feedback from a friend up here that has them on his 2014 Coyote.
Him and his wife both say it’s a pleasant and comfortable cruiser setup, but I‘ve herd his car from behind when he fires it up and I thought it was loud to be a comfortable cruiser.


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When I was looking for the axle back for my car, I read a lot and ask a lot around, and I have to confess that my Latin Background wanted the outlaw, but that will be too hard to justify on my neighbourhood.
Went with the roush and because I don’t drive often, I think was the right choice for me.
I really like the comparison done by AM