Turning a Pony into a Coyote

Car is home, what a fun drive home . Was great to get back to 3 pedals, the 6-speed TR6060 with McLeod clutch and Barton short throw really work well together. I found that cruising at 145km is the sweet spot for 6th gear😳.. Mustang sounds awesome. Much louder than before😁 the BBK LTHs with the extra power coming through really amplified the tone coming out of the Flowmaster Outlaws.
No lack of power, it just keeps pulling . I'm surprised how well the Micky Thompson street comps held up.
The crew at BMS really tucked the Gen 3 coyote and Gen 5 Whipple under the hood and made it look like it was all OEM. The Dakota gauge cluster is pretty sweet, similar to the Mustangs My Color, it can change the display to most any color, it has built in GPS performance tracking for 0-60, 1/4mile time and speed, high speed/rpm recall, and track time🤪