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As has been said, mods can be done in any order, but HP gains come
with the right parts added at right time, so doing In a certain order makes sense.
Budget is also a consideration, as thats how this topic started.

Long tubes and exhaust are very subjective, with right parts before
big gains come from right flow, as also said up thread.
But with everything comes choice.
farther you go with suspension, nicer ride goes away.
Sometimes finding the balance is the hardest part.
Also no one wants to spend 3k on exhaust system to realize
its too loud.

This is where homework comes in. Remember this started as away to add
100+hp over time. A person can start a kiddy, wait 2-3 years and add SC
for 5-8k with ver little other mods to get 100 + hp

As with all things in life its choices. End of day each person and car is unique to them.
Some are happy with 250-300 HP and gives them more than enough for great
Sunday afternoon drive and the odd little bit of spirited driving.
Knowing where you want to be, is as important as the journey of getting there.
Yes that definitely makes sense Trevor. My main goal right now is I want to keep my driveabilty but add a it more rumble and HP without crossing the line. I know there is a fine line. Lol.

I may just walk it for a bit and see how it goes.

Cams have been on the list for many years. I know plenty of people will say it is a waste if you don't go long tubes at the same time but I would rather try it and see then do both and like yoh mentioned regret it because it is too loud.

This has been fun and a learning experience like I said. But I need to start somewhere and see where it goes.

So many options....


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sooo yours is LT, mid pipe (h or x??) then mbrp... ok. My question is: how’s the highway drive? From what i understand, unless pedal to the metal (and out of drone territory, of course) can still be civilized after a cold start? Like you would take it to montreal civilized? That’s a drive i have already done twice in mine, cammed and not lol.

i come from a little turbo four with 3´´ catted downpipe and 3´´ roush catback. Drove that to montreal and left it there lol 😂. Tring to avoid a big exhaust F-up as i did the other time.... As Charlie said above, scared to go above the line, as i know exactly what it is to cross the damn line 🤦🏼‍♂️ you know, when even you are tired of the long drive? 🙄
I mated a catless X-pipe with the LTs. Knowing exhaust notes would change with other mods, I avoided multiple thousands of $ by going with something a Bassani or Corsa setup. MBRP was a compromise I knew I could swap away from without budget guilt.

Beyond exhaust note, you need to make choices early on whether your Mustang will be your recreational ride or something you plan to drive to church, funerals or retirement parties. Since I have a couple of other grocery getters in the driveway, I was looking for "different". If I take it to church, I just need to make sure I'm not showing up late!

I would drive it anywhere....dyno run was a blast, but so was a run to Digby in early Sept. Top down, stereo off and on my own.

There is no casual conversation, top up or top down.... I can sit on the deck and have a glass of wine for that. It's me time and if the co-pilot wants to come along, she's always welcome.

When I started doing my research, I had an early goal of 500hp & 500tq. I quickly discovered staying NA was going to be almost impossible while keeping it a reasonable ride. Price wise, going with boost or SC wasn't going to be much more. I knew having a ragtop was going to require me to keep it civil. I like the open air without the effort of riding a bike, but also having some performance under the right pedal.

No regrets here. We are all as individual as are our cars.


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Max, and Charlie, for that matter.
What is a tolerable sound level for one may not be for another.
Very subjective.
You should ask to get in with someone that has LT’s and go for a drive to see for yourself.
I’d be glad to take you along next opportunity.
I’m sure Aaron would as well.
And what you are willing to put up with may not be for your co-pilot.
Not that i don’t want a ride along with Aaron, but the 3v and the coyote are so far away sounds wise that i believe the only logical rise along for me would be with you. I know the 3.90 changes the place in the rpm band you are against mine, but would be close enough to make myself an idea. Also, catted or catless on yours? I recall it be an X pipe i believe...


Max, long tubes do not change the sound of the car, they make it louder.

Like the example I stated several posts back, a car’s sound, with or without cams, is that cars music or song.
The LT’s are like turning up the volume of that music way louder.
Like turning the radio up from 5 to 10 or 12.
Still pretty much the same song, only way louder.

Cats or not cats again does not change the song.
No cats just makes it even louder than with cats.

So put aside the fact that the 4.6 and 5.0 play different songs, the fact that either has LT’s will give you a good idea of how much louder they play that song.

It is a considerable increase in sound level.
Aaron says it well above.
He did those trips and enjoyed them, but he was alone.
It was his “me“ time.

Honestly, I think if you were to get LT’s, you would only do that Montreal trip with your wife once.
She would not want to go with you again after that.

It’s a gear-head and guy thing.
We enjoy louder things, and as driver we’re involved more and enjoy it more, but for the passenger, it gets loud and old real quick.

To answer your question, I have high flow cats.
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All this talk about LT’s came about because a number was thrown out at the very start of this thread.
That number was 100 hp.
To get 100 hp increase in N/A form LT’s are a necessary part of the total package.
So information was shared as to how that goal can be achieved.

But if one is happy with half that number and prioritizes comfort, approachability and drivability over that number for the sake of the number alone, then LT’s are not necessary.

Trevor has said it several times already.
One must decide what they want for themselves and make choices based on that.

It should not be about what one thinks other people think.
There should not be pressure to measure up to other peoples’ expectations.
Individual choices for individual preferences.


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My 08 did not have long tubes,
But I played with the exhaust a fair bit.
At one point I went to loud, but Funny
I did not like it, Aliona did.

Likely not the norm.
Desires and goals belong to each person.

Great thing about this is, your doing it in sections,
you may do one or two mods and say
thats what I wanted, be happy and thats it.
Like Marc. Said above, in the end do what you want.


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I have learned by reading facial expressions that on a couples cruise, the shift bands are lower, softer throttle pressures, and ride gears to avoid the drone bands....surprisingly staying with the Sunday cruisers at or below speed limit. She usually just says " don't " when someone pulls alongside on their way to Mexico.

Just saying how you choose to drive determines how the outing is viewed by the co-pilot.

Pick your places to demo how you can draw the performance with your travel companion on board can keep it civil at home.


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Max, long tubes do not change the sound of the car, they make it louder.
I'll respectfully disagree, I loved the sound of my '06 prior to the long tubes.

Only mod I had were Ford Racing (Borla) axle backs, and it sounded great.

Installing the long tubes gave me that "trumpeting" that I hated with a passion.

I will agree, it was louder, but it also sounded different. ( The word "subjective" has been used at least three different times. lol )


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Charlie, cams without LT’s is not a waste.
Don’t doubt your decision like that.
It’s a decision you make for yourself.
Like Aaron says above, he calls it his “me” time.
You just have to please yourself.
I will call it more re thinking my decision.LOL I am not saying I will not do Longtubes someday. But I will most definitly not do it in the first phase of these next mods. I am sure I will notice a difference and it will more then likely be enough to keep me happy for a couple more years.

Like Trevor mentioned and plenty have re iterated, each person has a goal for what they want out of their car. What works for Me may not work for the next guy as we use our cars differently.

Like Aaron mentioned above he drives differently when he has "me" time v/s with a co pilot. I believe most of us can echo that statement. I have learned very quickly what I can do and not do when I have a co pilot and I respect that. Like you mentioned on your comment to Max, we are interacting more with the car then the co pilots are and it can get old very quickly. In the end I got a convertible because I will more then likely never own another motorcycle due to a close call where we were cut off with my wife on the back. She never got on again after that. This is the closest rush I could get and we have enjoyed it immensely.

I know one thing I am loving all the comments and different opinions from everyone. It definitely has helped me firm up some of my decisions and I hope it helps others as well. In the end that is what its all about. Seeing all sides of the coin is a good thing in my opinion.


They sound good.
I know pretty much nothing about the 2v world.

If they are conservative like the hot rod cams are for the 3 valve world, that is a very good basic, all around level, IMO.

Does the 2v have variable cam timing?
If so, going with a cam that allows the retention of that feature would be advisable for drivability, approachability and friendliness of use.
If they exist, that is.

I think that may be the one feature that made the hot rod cams so popular in the 3v world.
The fact that they were made by the same contractor that made the stock cams, therefor were compatible with stock valve train and retained the variable cam timing feature.

I don’t know that such an option exists in the 2v world.
Be interesting if it did.
Less expense and more of a trouble or worry free operation.
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