Thought of the day.


Nasty, Cold, Wet, Damp, Snowy and Humid.
Downright unpleasant up here.
Raining but temperature at 0c so no melting.
Just pooling and nasty.

Bubble may have burst my daughter’s plans to seek internship for next year.

She has flights booked for Calgary Nov. 30 to Dec. 5 to interview at two large vet hospitals for next summer.
But Atlantic bubble gone could mean she’ll have to isolate two weeks here then go back to PEI and isolate two more weeks in a row.
Meaning a month.
She was flying from Fredericton.
She’s considering her options now.


Staff member
I can't imgine how anyone could do it.
I can't afford to not work for 2 weeks after
coming home, even though I don't need to see anyone
to do my job at this time, but self isolate is not define as such.
Really means confined to residents,big difference if youthink about it.