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With the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Number going up every year I doubt that such a Big Engine would go in the Mustang, maybe it could find a Place in Ford Super Duties.

If it ain’t broke

Don’t Fix it.
It would not be that far of a reach.
GM already has the map with 6.2 in Camaro and Corvette.
FCA in Challengers and Chargers.

Not saying it will happen, but would not be new nor earth shattering.

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Dave and Bev Smith
You don't realize until you spend a lot of time on the highways how bad some drivers are.Passing on solid lines,corners and driving like indy 500 drivers.Plus tailgaters and the ones who pull out doing half the speed limit.I have flashing lights and a siren but they're on the wrong type of vehicle.


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Speaking of not fast thought of the day. I was rooting around while having my morning coffee, looking at GT500's available at the dealership I got my 350 from. Disappointed, but not surprised, to compare the MSRP on the window sticker to the dealer price on the website, looks like a healthy $25k dealer markup right across all four cars. Thats great for some one else.


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I agree, GT350 is a drivers car IMO
and it suits me and what I want in a car.
Manual is still big on my list and as long
as the knees hold out my toys will always be manual.

I know the Auto is much faster, but I wish to be connected as possible
to the car and driving it.


Yah. Read that last night.
I believe it.
Cars don’t move on the flat if any snow with those tires.
We’ve experienced it in the dealership lot.
Even the all wheel drive Focus RS had trouble moving.


I agree fully on the manual transmission bit.
I know some of you are aware my 2015 is automatic.
That was decreed by my wife.
With already one car in garage and that purchase affecting the household finances, I had to involve her in the decision.
We had a 2019 PP2 on the lot at the same time, and ho my did I want it instead.

She did not object to getting the PP2.
AllI I had to do before doing so was sell the 2006.
I already had a manual hot rod/track car.
She was not going to agree to a second one.
If we were going to add to the stable, she wanted the second car more user friendly for her.
The automatic 2015 fit the bill, even if it would likely end up costing more in the long run.

I was not going to sell the 2006.
So the auto in the second car it was.
I prefer driving the manual most days but I’m amazed at the handling of the 2015 every time I drive it though.


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I know with my car and the sport cup 2's,
at zero or lower the tires can crack.
The compound does not do well in the cold,
so shipping cars with very expensive tires
they may have to replace was a no go.

The R's were not built in winter for this reason
I remember mine got build and problems with shipping
but finally got on train, I tracked the car and when it showed up
in Jan, first thing I checked was tires.

GM Had a big problem with its corvettes with cup 2 tires,
cost them millions to replace tires, Mistake was not made again.

I am sure moving and loading would not be much fun either.
for the record, my car never seen minus temps on train.