Thought of the day.


I"d be lying if I said I wasn't toying with the idea of selling mine.

Problem is I'd rather pour gas all over myself and set myself on fire before I would sell privately and deal with all the idiots that seems to attract.

There's a reason I've traded in for the last 20 years. lol
If Phil is serious, the two of you could hammer out the deal through this site with PM’s.
No idiots need be involved.


You’re right Rich.

I apologize for my reaction to that post and cleaned it up.
No problem, my daughter is autistic with a development delay and I can be blunt when pointing out people using stereotypes. She and most of her peers tend to be nice to everyone and to follow the rules even when they don't like it. As an example we had an appointment the other day where we were both required to wear a mask, which she absolutely hates, but she did because I explained that it was a rule and we had to wear it for our appointment.


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Meh, I think most of the time, people such as the visually challenged individual that failed to see the yellow lines or blue emblem for the designated parking spot are mostly just too busy or too selfish to look beyond how their actions impact others. Kind of like those individuals that walk down the grocery store aisle, seemingly oblivious to going the wrong way. They're not being malicious, they have rationalized in their minds that what they are doing is ok.......well, I just needed to go down this aisle a bit, theres no point in going all the way around right ? Calling them on it might have some effect, and its a start, because honest mistakes happen, and its entirely possible to screw up once and a while, we've all done things without being aware.


You’re phoking nuts!
I’m having a couple rums and switched to beers after.
Had a patch of grass to fix earlier on a property access that I gouged pretty good with the tractor early last winter before all was frozen.
Mosquitos so bad, it was unreal.
I needed a break when I got in.
There was still snow under that dirt last weekend.
Now it’s summer stifling heat.
Go figure. 🍺😎👍