Thought of the day.


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I was asked on Facebook, by homecare worker who happens to be a Mustang owner,
we would consider doing a drive by car show at Northwood.
She does not work there, but might boost moral of folks who are there
that can't get out. But at least see through windows.

Anyone interested?
I also reached out to NSMC
Very Good idea guys. Hopefully you guys can pull something off for them.


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I spoke to folks at NSMC, and they spoke to officials,
they prefer we hold off a week or two, so waiting for the go-ahead.
but will let anyone who wants, know so they can do drive buy.

Might be a little lift for the Seniors stuck inside, to have a little smile.
I hope so, its been toughest on them..
This is a fantastic idea but I totally agree on waiting for now. Any kind of cheer we can give to them would be huge for everyone.


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Thats how you tell the difference between someone who has a passion for Mustangs and the hobby, versus someone who's just driving a Mustang.

The Mustang enthusiast will give a nod to another Mustang enthusiast to say "hey, nice ride" and have the acknowledgement returned, the ones that don't wave back are just driving a Mustang.