Spring Run ( covid delayed) August summer Run


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Sounds fine, Howard. We can re-tool this when the date gets closer based on traffic, construction, etc.
Hi Aaron! What time should the western cars be at the Info Centre parking lot at Borden Carlton to leave with the cars coming from Cornwall? Will there be any delays leaving the Island via the bridge? I can post details on the PEI Mustang Facebook page when you let me know. Looks like I will not be able to make this trip next weekend.


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We would like to remind everyone, that each province has its on rules.
please understand these and be prepared.

If coming from PEI or NB go online to fill out border documents, will save alot of time when
heading home. links are at first of thread for those who need.

Nova Scotia requires you to wear amask to go into any public buildings
please bring one, if not ask I will bring extra.

Also remember this is an outside event and bring your own food and lawn chairs.

Most of all, please remember to social distance, it is great we are doing this and We look forward
to seeing everyone, but lets please keep (6 feet / 2 meter) distance while chatting and saying hi to folks.

This is our first event, depending on how this goes will determine if we try future events or not.


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Hi Aaron! What time should the western cars be at the Info Centre parking lot at Borden Carlton to leave with the cars coming from Cornwall? Will there be any delays leaving the Island via the bridge? I can post details on the PEI Mustang Facebook page when you let me know. Looks like I will not be able to make this trip next weekend.
Think a meet for Ch'town cars at Tim's on St. Peter's Rd (forgot about bypass!) with a 9:00 sharp departure should get everyone to the Gateway Village visitor info center parking lot for 9:40, then hit the bridge &should get to Aulac Big Stop by 10:30 to meet NB cars. Everyone having travel passes to get into NB and ID on hand shouldn't have too much of a holdup. Too bad you cant make it!


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We are planning our delayed spring run for Saturday August 8 2020 (Weather permitting)

From all three provinces to a arrive in Amherst Nova Scotia approximately 12:00 pm ( lunch time)
As we know with all the changes to the rules, we will be doing things a little different.
Bring your own lunch and lawn chair, or anything else you may need.

Taylor Ford has agreed to let us use their lot to meet at and may possible be open
so use of washrooms maybe be accessible but not guaranteed. Please plan and prepare as required.
Amherst is a big enough town to get what you need, fuel, food, coffee or bathroom break.

We will meet for an hour or so, eat what we brought and enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
Please follow social distancing rules and respect protocols public heath has in place. with luck we can do this and enjoy
our first event of the year. Please let us know if your coming and we will update details as we get closer.

PEI start point Tim Hortons Cornwall 8;30 leaving at 9 sharp.

Meet in Moncton at the Champlain Place Parking Lot Tim Horton's for 9:00 AM departure fueled up and ready to roll. We will take some back roads depending on conditions and head towards the Aulac Big Stop for a bathroom break and hopefully meet up with the PEI crew for a 10:30 departure towards Amherst. The plan is to be in Amherst at the Taylor Ford dealership for 11:30 or so.

NS Big Stop / Tims Enfield 8;30 - Leaving at 9 Sharp.

More details to follow as to each run gets laidout and meeting points for other cars to join
run as we get closer, please check in for updates. Please be fed, fuelled and ready to go.

Documents to enter NB please check link.

Documents to Enter PEI, check link.
Find information and complete an online Self Declaration Travel Form (link is external)

General Atlantic travel bubble information link.
Atlantic Provinces Travel Bubble | Government of Prince ...www.princeedwardisland.ca › health-and-wellness › atl...

Sign up List

1.Trevor and Aliona
2.Gerry and Jackie
4.Sheldon and Bonnie
5.Steve and Victoria
7.Corey and Christa
9.Rich and Angie
10.Mike and Carol Ann
11.Glen and Sharon
12 Richard +1
14. Peter
15.Todd and Rhonda
16. Kenny Burke

1.Charlie and Jen
2.Dave and Bev
3.Elide and Suzanne
4.Al and Jackie
5.Armand And Darlene
7.Max and Julie
8.Phil and Mel

1.Aaron and Brenda
2.Dale and Paula
3.Chris and Shelley
4.Jeff and Charlene
5.Paul and Judy
6. Roger and Caroline

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
NS Metro people
Meet at Enfield Big Stop @ 8:30 We leave at 9AM -
Through Elmsdale to lights
Left at lights, through Belnan to the old 14
RH turn on the 14 to Milford then on the TCH highway to Truro

Truro Group can merge in at the Power Center exit, at the Onslow exit or meet us in Masstown
We should be going throough Truro 9:40- 9:50AM

Take the Onslow turn off – go to Masstown on old Rt 2

We can park over by the Masstown Butcher RH side of the road by the Petrocan / Tims
It will be easier to get out when we leave

10:45 Leave Masstown
Get on the 104 T/C Highway in Masstown ( old road is closed )

Take Glenholm exit, old road through Wentworth

On to Oxford on the TCH no stop here planned –

Go through Oxford and turn left and take old road RT204 to Amherst – runs parallel to the 104

After 33km turn left on Robert Angus Drive Taylor ford will be on the right as we arrive



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Heads up NB folks. Due to a recent conversation with Martin about construction in the Dorchester area we will be changing our route and going a different direction. The 9:00 am departure from the Champlain place Tim Horton's parking lot has not changed. We will not be meeting the PEI crew in Aulac. We may meet them somewhere else. Stay tuned for updated information.
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Look forward to it. Spoke with Steve Smith today at Taylor Ford Amherst.
THey are moving some cars around to accomadate us and look forward to our arrival.
they have a strick face mask policy inside showroom.
Please remember to bring one and please remember to Social distance on site.
Bring lawn chair and lunch. Amherst has many locations if you need anything.
But Nova Scotia has mask inside punlic place policy.
other wise drive throughs. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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Currently we have 29 cars and 52 people, please let us know
for numbers ask eif you wish to be added to the list.
Weather forecast is looking great. Can't wait to get out and put some miles on the car and see some new routes. All registered to get into NS and back into NB..