Shelby GT350R

Nice road trip companion!
Yes it is. C8 Stingrey Mid Engine Hard Top convertible. Just under 500HP tuned. I had the pleasure of driving it back when we went to pick up his truck. First mid Engine car I have ever driven. Totally different handling then anything I have driven. Smooth power. I really need to upgrade to a newer Stang. Lol.
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Oh wow. Sounds like a nice experience! I hear you on the trade up fever. It took me when I drove Phil's '15 last summer to make him hear the exhaust. When I remember the car payments I have on mine, I stopped thinking about it :) (Sorry for the treadjack Trevor!)
Not the same ride hight as normal lol
Got it in air, didn't have right sockets to remove wheels
Tomorrow night.

This is what happens when I take all my tools and take to shop for work
because guys keep losing stuff I need to go shopping
Tool shopping is always fun :)
almost as good as car parts LOL