Shelby GT350R


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I was following this car from before its release. It just had that special feeling you get when you read about it.
When it was released for preview I knew I wanted this car. Owning several Fords I am at my dealer often and
I have a good relationship with everyone, I managed to be put first on the list to buy this car.
the first Picture of the new GT350 goes out to the world, from the Detroit Auto show.


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The dealer was great, the put order as priority 10, which is fastest you can get :)
one small catch was, the owner had to sign off on me getting the R, as there will be only
one in the Maritimes per year. It took a couple of days and order was agreed, with a few documents
signed, now the hard part, the WAIT.:eek:
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At Auto port, thanks to another Mustang friend I knew it was here before the dealer.
Thanks to someone ( I won't mention) I got in to take a look & pic. edqvzBu.jpg

Ordered - June 03/15
Vin # - August 21/15
Build Nov. 24/15
Shipped Jan 9/16
Dealer Jan 19/16
Last 3 of Vin - 307
Chassis #- GR044
35.1 KM -21.8 miles
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Only one tech is authorized to work on the new Shelby's so far and that day he was sure he could not do the PDI as
the dealership closed at 5pm. He is a car guy also, owning a modded ST and just recently ordered the RS :)
He decided to stay after hours to do the PDI, mostly I think because he want to get his hands on it.
Thundr, dropped in and seen it, while on the host :)
The front of this car has a complicated look. Evert time you look it seems very different.

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