OH2BFOX ( 1990 Lx Foxbody build)


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I bought this car in February, thanks to a Lead by Aaron in PEI.
Did the deal, went and trailered it back.
Solid car with good bones for a build. With many ideas bantered around a plan came together for the build.
It will be a Gen 1 coyote swap, from a 2014 GT Vert ( I bought the whole car as a donor.

Required for the swap, is in no certain order.
FFRP control box
long tube headers ( optional, but make much easier)
Transmission, I have but either need to change bell housing or modify tunnel on car.
Motor mounts, ( discuss at length later)
Hyroboost or manual brakes ( I will swap booster)
Oil pan, ( again later)
Oil filter relocation ( very likely)
New K member ( will be discussed in next section)
flywheel and clutch ( won't need because I have transmission, but will upgrade)
Gas pedal bracket.
Fuel line relocation
Rad hose adjustment
sway bar ( discuss later)
exhaust mods
As talked about in other thread, I have a place now for this work to be done
and finally started this morning with a few things, position of car for next few weeks
Getting ready is big part of work. Still need to gather a few supplies ( this week)
Mostly containers and freezer bags for marking everything I take off :)
Phase 1
To totally strip the car of everything in trunk ( done)
Complete interior
all glass and excess trim.
Engine, transmission, exhaust, fuel lines and tank,
all accessories.
Remove exisiting engine and transmission

Take car to be soda blasted and epoxy primerred and roll fenders.
Take to welding shop for repairs, build and install roll bar.
Possibly cut out spare tire well and build box for fuel cell ( undecided )

Phase 2
Return to this shop and remove complete suspension.
Working on ordering a maximum motorsport Gripbox package
( this is a complete suspension package for this car.
custom Build for this car and intended use.
This will greatly improve the handling and solve many of the coyote swap issues.
8-10 weeks after order waiting time currently.
Nice project for sure.
Going to be interesting to follow. ?

If doing all that body work, consider shaving antenna right off.
Nice clean and fast look.
Get bluetooth radio or radio delete all together.
Listen to exhaust with windows down and save weight.

If you do long tubes, chance you won’t listen to music anyways.
It’ll have to be too loud to play over the exhaust and then it becomes noise instead of music.

That was my conclusion with 06 and don’t miss radio at all.
Spent 2 hours on the phone with Maximum motorsports.
Spoke with an engineer that helped design the suspension
for my build. Was quite impressed with level of help with not
only the package but other solid advice towards the build process.

In the end the component options are geared to what i am doing,
with the coyote, MT82 Transmission and the 8.8 rear-end.
Hopefully if all goes well, will order suspension tomorrow.
Jack from maximum motorsports sent me my build set up for Grip box today,
but I did not expect the amount of extra info and advice that he sent me.
Parts, list advice on build with links and best places to buy from,
incredible amount of information that by the looks of it will save me lots of grief.

What makes this so incredible is its not an upset to company he works for,
its solid advice for the actually build, along with you tube videos and pictures
of parts they don't even supply. To say above and beyond is understatement.
Nice to see in a day and age where most don't have the time to talk to you
about there own products.

Maximum motorsports has built many of these cars while designing and manufactureing
parts for sale, but Jack is now working on is own personal 87 fox, its his 4th build.
Gotta love dealing with real car guys :)
Great to hear that.
It’s reason I like MM.
Real car guys.
Also got good feedback about them from the shop I deal with.

I also got similar advice and assistance from Kelly Aiken when he was at BMR.
Suggested his products when appropriate without talking down about the competition and suggested which parts from the competition would compliment his parts.

Was appreciated.
I was looking very hard into the MM kits when I started my build. The only reason I went away was that I've gathered parts through good deals all along. If ever I revisit my suspension system, it's going to be their system that will take place of the installed hardware.
As a matter of facts, I need to fetch some camber plates eventually.... :unsure:
Something of note, I did not know,
The Coyote engine is 100lbs lighter than orignal engine.
Suspension is 42 lbs lighter,
the recommended Eibach front sway bar is 9Lbs lighter
I plan on rear seat delete, not sure of weight savings,
but will be adding a roll bar, added weight
but all added up, should be quite a bit lighter, than the original
3000 lbs, this is going to be fun :D
So this is the first round of ordered parts, from Maximum motorsports
With all the delays, I have been told 8-10 weeks, they still hand build the
k-member. Gerry called and also on this order is a set of Bilstein shocks for is car also.
Even with covid pony express still works even if limited.

K-Member, 1979-95 with 4.6Lmodular or 2011+ Coyote engine
-1,2MM Front Control Arms, 1979-93,Non-offset (Stock Geometry)
-2Delrin Bushing Kit for MMFCA's
MM Front Control Arms, 1979-93,Non-offset (Stock Geometry), Delrinbushings
MM Caster/Camber Plates, 1990-
MMST-6MM Steering Rack Bushings,
MMK-Member-13MM Hybrid Steering Shaft,
Power rack,1979-93 w/ SN95 rack
-1MM Tie-Rod End Kit,
1979-93aftermarket K-Member (bolt-throughspindle). Fits standard-threads
-408-BLSway Bar End Links, 1994-04, Short
1-3/8" Universal Sway bar Bushings
MMFSB-51MM Front Swaybar Relocation Kit,1994-
MMFSB-60MM Front Swaybar BracketReinforcement Kit, 1979
10.310Eibach Front Swaybar, 1979-
MMFL-5PCMM Full Length Subframe Connectors,1979-04, Powdercoated

MM Panhard Bar Axle Mount, withhardware kit, 1979-
MM Panhard Bar Chassis Mount
MMPBAR-2MM Panhard Bar Aluminum Rod,Polished
MM Panhard Bar, 1979-93, Polishedrod
MMRLCA-50MM Rear Lower Control Arms, RoadRace, 1979-
MMTA-3MMTA2MM 'Heavy Duty' Torque-arm mainbeam
MMTAC2MM 'Heavy Duty' Torque-armCrossmember
-3Heavy Duty Torque-arm hardware kit(rectangular subframe connectors)
MM Heavy Duty Torque-arm,rectangular subframe connectors, 8.8"axle
MMRSBH-3... Weld-in Hardware Kit, adjustable rearsway bar
MMRSB-95Rear Swaybar arm kit for 1-1/4" bar
SB-013MM 1-1/4" x .095 wall rear swaybar,bar

MM Rear Swaybar, 1-1/4" x .095 wall,weld-in kit
KONI-48741-1121SKoni Single-Adjustable strut,
Koni Single-Adjustable shock,
1986-93V8 & 1994-04, solid axle
Set of four Koni SA shocks & struts,1987-93 V8 Mustang (no IRS)
MMCO-2MM Front Coil-Over Kit, fits Koni,Tokico, Strange, Lakewood struts
MMCO-5MM Solid-Axle Rear Coil-Over Kit,
KoniSport shocks, SA and DA
HYP35010... Hypercoil Coil Over Spring, 350 lb/in,10", 2-1/2" dia.267.97
HYP22509...Hypercoil Coil Over Spring, 225 lb/in,9", 2-1/4" dia.278.97
504-BLMotor Mounts, 1996-2004, 4.6 literengine, polyurethane
MMBAK-20Hydroboost Conversion Kit, 1979-93Mustang, 1999-2004 Hydroboost