Nissan / honda side project


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I got snookered into this project last spring lol.
Bough a used race car in pieces :)
A good friend is putting back together and did most of the work
with help from a few friends, exhuast is being done now and
a week away from staarting in for first time in years.
few more odds and ends it will be ready for shake down at track :)

Different set up, tube frame car, back end is Nissan 200sx
front is Honda, with a Honda engine. Guy who built had different ideas :)
Couple of pics, but not done.


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Picked up race car this morning, back to Al's shop with new exhaust
ball joints and few other little goodies done.
Brake, fuels lines, few other bits and car will be ready for
first start in years, couple weeks if all goes well.

Then bit of body work, set up car and try and make square, right camber / casting settings
and few other odds and ends, if no major issues, ready for shake down run at track,
Month away with any luck. After that see what is wrong or needs to be repaired
then maybe have some real fun

Have Used ( new to us race seat) new belts to install, hope I fit, looked narrow lol.
Getting close, another rproject almost done :)