NHL 2022

MC Stanger

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Our tree has been up since early Dec 2019. We figured when Covid hit we would just leave it up and turn it on now and then for spirit. Usually during the games, any time of year we switch it on. Messes with the neighbor across the street a bit but oh well. Just noticed these two ornaments together.

They should all be playing like they are playing for a spot on the team with the potential changes coming up. Would not buy a jersey right now with a sewn on name. Might want to make it velcro.

Go Habs!



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Well Montreal opened the flood gates,
Beening and Green gone in Vancouver
Vigneault and Therrien gone in Philly.

I suspect a few other teams will be close to this as well.
Could make for some interesting trade deadline decisions
and those who think they are making a run last minute
pickups and rentals.