NHL 2022


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Well for us that follow hockey it all begins tonight.
The preseason is underway, now they check out some young guns
trying to make teams, get old guys game ready and really not
much of the real team yet, but fun to speculate.

Last year doesn't matter anymore, all teams start from zero.
all teams are equal, Lots of off season changes to sort through,
some will be great, some busts and until the games get going
we won't know. With covid and flat cap it is hard for teams to make it work.

Leafs fans can now dream of cup again and try to get over last years failure
once again :p and if they win in preseason against the Habs tonight, they will be
saying see we should have won and start planning the parade.

Gotta love preseason traditions :)

GO Habs GO

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Extra team to beat this year with Seattle. 32 is enough. Not going to be the same this year if the Habs (or Toronto) make the playoffs with the east coast playoff format back. If Ottawa gets a good goalie structure I believe they will be a strong contender if not this year then next. West is kind of a mess but the east should be tough and fun to watch. Carol Ann is the hard core Habs fan so on her behalf - Go Habs!


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Leafsbeat the Habs 4-1 Saturday in Pre Season Action in Toronto

And then last night in Montreal a Habs Team made up of players who did not play Saturday

Beat the Leafs 5-2.

Now if last night’ Habs Team could have played Saturday night’s Leafs Team

It would have been a close game 🤣

I had lunch in Fredericton with my Old Boss who’s a Leafs Fan and he showed me what he had done with the Leafs plate on the front of his Toyota Matrix

It was mounted upside down

He re arranged it after the Habs eliminated the Leafs in Round one of the Playoffs last year 🤣


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Clean slate as they say, everone is even with all kinds of predictions,
some failry common, some not so much, but at end of the day
they have to play the games to see who ends up where
and its just the beginning of hopefully a full 82 game schedule.

Tonight 4 teams play, at the end of the night, 2 will be tied for the league lead,
two will be in last and 28 will be at 500 in the middle :ROFLMAO:

How do you think your team faired in the off season?

Do you have any realistic predictions ? or Bold ones?
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As a habs Fan, like many teams we had our share of changes,
some expected, some not so much.
Weber likely gone for year, maybe never to play again,
slower but a huge team leader and impact player.
Price in program, didn't see that coming. 30 day or?????
Dano gone to hollywood, alot less pressure, same money.

KK taking with offer sheet, that could be interesting game :) ( mark on calendar)
Davork in, I suspect we came ahead a bit there.
Caulfield will be fun to watch.
wideman I don't think so, but hey lets hope, Savard a good add.
No question we need the veterans to do there thing and
a few young guys to take another step forward

I expect a tough year, in arguably the toughest division,
But I am betting they make the playoffs and based on last
year once in, anything can happen.

first game against the leafs, I expect leafs to come very hard after last years
Playoff performance against Montreal, it will be on TorontoNet and
based on History, Montreal will have no friends in stripes when playing TO
Nothing new really, be fun to watch, hard to listen too.



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No other team fans spoke up, no faith in your team
Boston aging but should still be good.
Ottawa swears rebuild is done, we will see,

Leaf fans, what can you say, we have not all heard for 50 + years :)
But according to our two leading sports pages, they are angry
all business and they have changed, I expect not hard to get up for home
opener, lets see how you do all season and more important,
first round of playoffs :ROFLMAO:


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Montreal is playing lazy making stupid mistakes
Veterans like Petry creating screen for other team
should know better and it goes threw the whole line up.

Losing 4 in a row is not end of the world, but playing that bad in process
is not good, I actually beleived on paper, they were slightly better
team than last year, except maybe missing Price, but hes average during regular season
last few years anyway.

Descharme better figure it out quick or it could get ugly, my threshold has always been
give them 10 games then look, its going to happen fast. All kind of things not right,
no shots in close, no one in front of net, rarely win puck battles, someone needs to explain the chase
part of dump and chase, bad penalties,to far to many turnovers and lets not talk about
giving up 2 on 1's. skill very little, work ethic none, fix all of this a little or expect big trouble
in Habs land.

At least I turn off in 2nd and get decent nights sleep, hard to watch currently.
Currently last, so can only go up ( I think ) or hope.