NHL 2022


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Montreals Jeff Molson finally woke up from is coma and did something,
Hired Jeff Gorton, as vice president, fires MG and Trevor timmons,
Hopefully this allows them to get someone in place to make changes for future.

Going to be tough to do, MB signed alot of guys to long term deals, hard to fix easy
but atleast can come in now before trade deadline and draft day.
Build new team.

Not that anyone is listening but I think the new GM, should be Anahiems
Assistant GM Martin Madden ( read his hockey BIO) and he speaks French,
so will please that end of things, great resume, started as a scout, built Carolinas,
first team and put together scouting department and won cup,

then went to Anahiem and did same, this guy has amazing track record at drafting and prospects,
make a good GM IMO.