NH Dyno Run

So another little wrinkle. Jason who normally books hotels for this, did a bit of checking
Prices a little high, ( 175 ish USD) so asked whats going on. Start of bike week in Louden.
We will likely need to book hotels this week not sure of cancellation polices ( USA)

So getting signed up early or finding out friend is riding along, could be huge.
We are doing more checking, will update as we go, but current plan is to book
hotels this week.
So quick look shows the one hotel in Loudon is booked and only a couple left in Concord but they are $300 plus a night without the ability to cancel. So Manchester is the place that works best. Probably expect $200 Canadian a night. Split with a travel buddy and not so bad. That’s with the ability to cancel right up until the 8th/9th of June (depending on the choice) and no charges ahead of time. So I will book for 5 rooms today and everyone interested keep us updated on your status so we can make changes as needed.
Just an FYI, price in Bangor for the Saturday night will be about the same. Slightly less but plan on it being $200 Canadian a night with taxes and of course they add more for free cancellation. Breakfast is included with this one ?
If two guys want to share more than a room, a king size bed,
so not two beds in room is$50 cheaper LOL
Hey nobody is judging :ROFLMAO:
Scratching this itch again. So are the Hotels booked? And where?
I’ll be running solo, Brenda is not up for this trip.
If somebody else is running solo and wants to share a Double Room with two (2) beds, I’m an option.
I’ll pass on sharing a King Bed room at $50 discount @Ohtobbad ?
Didn’t think the girls were invited on this one. Too much ass pucker in the passenger seat. Not good on the leather!