Mustang Trivia.


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Here's the answer:
Ford Mustang Stallion

The Stallion was an interesting, quite rare special version. Interestingly, it was not an official Ford product but a model they sold at Mainway Ford in Toronto, Canada. The dealership marketing manager and mechanics prepared eight 1967 Fastbacks. Four Stallions came with a 289 HiPo V8 and four came with a 390 V8 engine.

The Stallions also received a lot of performance equipment, unique side graphics and a tail light panel straight from the Mercury Cougar. This was also the Stallion’s most visible feature. There are no reports of how many survived, but Mustang fans are sure that number is low.



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I know its not my turn, but I'm curious, and it is a Mustang trivia question, so I'm throwing it out there because I honestly have no idea. lol

With the announcement that the GT350 and GT350R have reached the end of their production run, and the fact you could only buy them with manual transmissions, here's the question :

What other Mustang models were only available with manual transmissions ?


I’ll give it a shot.
There were many through the years.
I’m not covering Roush or Saleen variants.

65-66 gt350 and gt350R, excluding Hertz editions.
69-70 Boss 302 and 429.
71 Boss 351.
All Cobras and SVT cobras through the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.
2000 Cobra R.
01 Bullitt.
03-04 Mach 1 and SVT cobra.
08-09 Bullitt.
07-14 gt5000.
12-13 Boss 302.
15-20 gt350 and gt350R.
19-20 Bullitt.


Dave and Bev Smith
One side of this early mockup of the 1964 Ford Mustang is a styling exercise to see what a four-door version would look like. The side of the car facing away from the camera is traditional Mustang coupe. This sedan concept later served as basis for the Falcon model of that time.Ford-1963-Mustang-4dr-prototype.jpg


I think this question is a bit easier but still history related.

What model years had an optional hood with small blinking marker lights that lit at same time as signal lights?
One on right paired with right signal and same for left side.
These could be seen by occupants from inside the car and close bystanders from the right angle.