Mustang Trivia.


One of your answers is off a bit.

Do you want to try for the bonus and state the change of the first gen tweaks, if there was any?


Actually I would have accepted your first answer of 411 for gen 1.
The published number was 412.
I call that close enough.

However, there is another of your answers that is more off than that one.


Ha! You are both right.

Gen 1 started life at 412 and got a small revision half way for the 2013 car.
It included oil squirters on the pistons for cooling and recalibration. That brought it to 420.
This is the bonus point answer.

And yes, Gen 2 at 435,
Then Gen 3 at 460.

You were also right for the 2019 Bullitt at 480.
I think that was a question a bit further back.

Fred worked the hardest so I’m inclined to give him the win.

Next question.


Post King
I don’t have time today to come up with a question that hasn’t already been asked as I’ll be out all day so if Trevor or anyone else has a fresh question by all means be my guest 😁


First Mustang was 68 Shelby GT500
They were borrowed from the 67 Cougar parts bin.
I knew this part of the answer.

Wild guess, I thought the said 67 Cougar was the first Ford family car to have them.
Officially a Mercury

But before answering, I cheated a bit and checked my answer and learned something new.
I guess I don’t deserve the bonus point now.
I won’t answer yet in case someone wants to take a crack at it.


Hugh, that’s a very easy oversight to make because I believe the actual lights, the housing and lenses, were used in 67. So you are right there.
But not the sequential part in 67.
They added that for 68.

For the first Ford to have them, I found an article from Hagerty, the car people, that states thewere designed and planned for the 64 T-bird, but that their use was delayed one year to the 65 model because they were outlawed in certain States.
By 65 all States had passed legislation to make them legal, and the article states that’s when they went into use on production cars.

I’ll write my question tonight.


Ok, the 5.0 Coyote engine is a great engine.
Having won awards.
Being power dense and still improving every few years.
So I’ll stick to that theme a little longer.

We just established that there have been 3 Coyote generations so far.
Has there been a change in displacement over the evolution of the three generations?
If yes, in which generation did it occur?

Bonus point for naming the technology that made it possible?