Maritime mini runs.

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Today was half and half literally as we drove up the Annapolis Valley and ended up at Rainbow Haven Beach Park. As we drove the sun was on one side of the car to the East with blue sky and with threatening dark clouds to the West. Been a few years since we went through Eastern Passage so it was refreshing. Original reason for the trip was to get some beer at the Gahan House in Halifax as they have really good brews but the alternate destination became the park for a visit as they were out of the one I wanted as they rebrand it. Something about Sir John A being a bad person or some another reason to take his name off the label. Along the way there were no great shots to take this time. The sky was still split when we got to the park. With the sun behind me and the dark matter in the distance this one came out OK.

Park location for those from away.



Nice pic.

We get Gahan at the NB liquor store in Grand Falls.
The Sir John A. Is a good brew.
What’s the new name?

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Nice pic.

We get Gahan at the NB liquor store in Grand Falls.
The Sir John A. Is a good brew.
What’s the new name?
Not sure the new name yet. For now they just call it a Honey Wheat Ale. We can get Gahan here in the liquor stores but only Red and Blueberry. Prefer the Red next to the Honey Wheat.

After the run and we got to Fredericton the first thing we did was go to the Gahan House Monday night for Brown Bag Fish and Chips and some ale. Carol Ann had the Tropical Popsicle(s). Can't have just one. However I waited until Tuesday before we left for home to go get the beer supply. When we went there they had a notice in the window that the restaurant was closed for the day. Not for covid but I think to give the staff a day off as the music festival was on for a few days prior and the staff looked quite tired when we were there. Everywhere we went in Fredericton said the music festival was a large event on staff.

I have been to all the Gahan's except Saint John so far. I like Charlottetown the best as the building is really old and has a throwback atmosphere. The one in Moncton is in the Hilton Tapestry hotel. Stayed there last fall when we went to the cruise night. They said they are planning to open one in St John's NL soon on Duckworth street. That's a road trip for sure. For now I will await my email that the supply is back. We are off to CB soon so easy to drop in along the way if available in time.


Yah, the Charlottetown Gahan is the best.
Also the first and I guess flagship one.
Also been to the Moncton one. Not much character.
Very close to Pumphouse.
Only went because Pumphouse patio was full.

We get blueberry, red, Sir JA and IPA of Gahan here.

If you like red ales, you should look for NB’s Off Grid Brewery Campfire Red.
It’s a great ted ale.
Very easy drinking. 🍺

05 gt 5spd

On the road again
Jackie and I went for a top down little run yesterday while the weather was still nice. Enfield to Fall River via old#2, then to Windsor on the old #1, through Grand Pre, Wolfville, to Kentville for lunch. A drive on the #12 through New Ross to Chester Basin where we hit the clouds. A few stops for next years garden, and back home via old #3 to Bayers Lake , the sunshine returned and we enjoyed the old road back home. We were about a week early for leaves, some colours started but many leaves very dry in the valley. A good wind and the coloured leaves will gone there.
Let’s hope next Sunday is good for another run - another direction.


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Christine, Henry and I had a good top down run on Sunday. Moncton to Alma, stop for Kelly’s Sticky buns, then through Fundy National Park, to the new road to the Fundy Trail Parkway East entrance, then thru the Parkway to St Martin’s and back through Sussex to Moncton.


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We got out for a couple hours Sunday after work :)
Went rhough lower Sackville, beaver bank, East Uniacke ( old stompin grounds)
Back through Mid Sackville, downtown Dartmouth and Home.
Very little Mexico time, to many out.

Weather is looking great sunny and Plus 20 for next week ( cool at nights)
Hoping for few more runs and at least one real good run through Mexico before being put away :)


Angie and I decided to take advantage of the nice day and went to Musquodbit Harbour via Oldham, Elderbank and then back home via Porters Lake, 107 bypass and the Waverly road. The leaves are just starting to turn, should be good in a week or so.


King of the road trip
How was that new road?
Is it Mustang friendly yet, or is it chip seal?

I saw the construction signs there in July.
Seems like ages ago mow.
New road is good, it’s properly asphalted and has been well swept to remove anything leftover, although did have a small amount of loose at the junction at the east end.


Did a run up Hwy 17 and back yesterday.
Little traffic, cool air and sunny day.
Temps between a low of 11, in the shade along the Restigouche river in Tide Head, to a high of 17 in the sun in a couple spots along the way.

Colours in full splendor.


Squa Cap mountain ahead.

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Linda and I got out for one last run on Sunday before the car is put away next weekend.

From Shediac we headed North on 134

Turned right in Cocagne and took the Coastal Route to Buctouche then continued along the Coastline towards Richibucto Village then on to Moncton through St Antoine

We had supper at Rossano’s on Mountain Road and when we left we saw the Camaro parked behind the BULLITT 😉AEF1B881-9017-4670-9069-4FE7208BA837.jpeg6A28E52D-B26F-4FB3-9BD2-8E1288B1DB59.jpeg7C9E13D7-BB3F-4AEC-B5CC-7BB6E0ACA1CF.jpeg0A9B22A7-241F-4AFD-A216-E95A8B391101.jpeg


No pics to show for it but got out again Monday for a short drive to Grand Falls and back, in the 15.
Played in the on and off ramps to the TCH, and a couple nice curves at pace.

The handling of that car always amazes me.
Can’t wait to get it on track.
Covid or not, I’m making that a goal for next summer.
At least one attendance at Mont Tremblant, and hopefully 2.
Can’t wait.