How Many Kilometers or Miles do You have on Your Mustang ?

That’s a pretty impressive total for the year.
I was doing 20 k in the first 3 years of the car but covid took a 5 k bite out of the last two summers of the 5 I have had it. Kids are gone so all open cruising time with nowhere else to be. Not seeing much to get excited for in the 2022 Mustang refresh. Maybe the 2024 60th anniversary might have something. For now just going with the flow.
Well, the best time to put them in would have been when you did your shocks.
You have to pull your struts out to put them in.

They replace your factory rubber strut mount with a metal spherical bearing.
That’s what makes the big difference.
No more deflection of the top of the strut when you turn.

In your car would likely make big difference because of age.
Rubber disintegrates with time.

The top bolt of your strut goes through them under the chassis.
Remove strut.
Remove factory strut mount.
Put CC plate in.
Put strut back in.
Do alignment.
Now you can change caster and camber.
Camber helps bite in turns.
Caster determines if and how fast steering wheel returns to straight position, by itself or if you want to or have to assist.
Factory spec for caster is always ok.
Negative camber factory limit or slightly more aggressive gives bite.
But if toe is not closed a bit, lots of negative camber will eat inside edge of front tire prematurely.

Regardless, even if you set all factory specs, just having CC plate stop deflection of top of strut will make nice difference.