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So some info, the package has not been canceled but limited.
Ford is not giving dealers a lot of info, but they suspect a supply problem
is a big part of it. Odds are if you try and order carbon package now you won't get it.
It could change in the future, but they just don't know.

Mcphee is only getting a limited number this year and Canada is only getting a total
of 250 this year, even though the car is not considered a limited production car.
Still better numbers than the GT350 first year.

Based on early orders and inquiry for this, if you got a car lined up.
Be very thankful, I suspect it will be hard to replace for a bit.


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Rich alright, 18% Commission on every car that crosses the block.

But, I like the colour too 👍
well considering Craig Jackson owns the block, likely didn't pay the 18%
but 1.1 million is NP for him. I guess they are quite arrogant there also.
They don't mingle with regular folks.

They also have security around them at all times.