Fall Run September 17, 2022 Central Prince Edward Island

Amazing day well done by Aaron for arranging everything and Gerry for putting this amazing run route together.
As always so many hands to make this happen, thank you all.
Great to see old friends and many new faces
What a great day, everything went off perfectly. Supper tonight and of course a few wobbly pops and stories and many pictures to come :)
As we get ready to hit to road and head back to our respective Homes, I would like to thank everyone who made this weekend and run a success. Thank you Aaron for organizing our hotels, restaurant last evening and doing the run that Gerry planned out to make sure we were all good. Thank you Gerry for once again putting together an awesome route with lots of planned stuff.. Thank you Chris for accepting to take the lead as well. Great job. Trevor thanks for having this awesome place so we can share our Mustang passion. Itwas nice seeing old friends and making some new ones along the way. That is what it’s all about right there.

Drive safe everyone!