Fall Run September 17, 2022 Central Prince Edward Island


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Amazing Pics by everyone, I have some and will post up over next few days
I am sure many more and don't be shy posting pictures of the weekend.

Once again incredible weekend. Once again thanks to everyone
who helps make this place tick, always easy to leave out a name or two
Charlie and Jen for everything they do, which seems endless.
Aaron, Jason, Chris, Gerry, Phil for back end fourm stuff.
The amount of folks here that help is always impressive,
the folks who come from all over to share themselves and thier cars
to make this all a reality and I look forward to so much more.

Season is coming closer to the end :(
So much more to come and we look forward to putting together next years
list of runs, events and get togethers, seeing old frineds and watching new ones come along.
Every Mustang fan is invited to join and participate in all we do.

thank you everyone.


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Thanks everyone for sharing the pictures!

I couldn't come this year as I had double booked myself at the time the car was down & I couldn't see how long it would be down with the Fondation CHUDumont & couldn't back up of my duties.
Volunteered the whole day on Saturday to a run which in format is similar to ours, but to which I was SEVERELY ''out car-ed'' and out classed lol :ROFLMAO:.

My mind was wondering where you guys were in the trip and such the whole day. Wish I could have been there, but had committed to volunteering here.
Glad to see you guys had a wonderful weekend!


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Few more form the trip.


Bit of surf on the coast.


These folks deserve a post from the run.


Could have saved for tail light Tuesday but was part of the run so here is this one.


Sunday morning had a visit to Souris before coming back.

PEI Souris2500.JPG

Still part of the run for us on the way home through the Rawdon Hills between Truro and Windsor the mist was gathering fast as dusk approached. Outside Scotch Village there was a tiny one lane bridge leading to this shot.