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Ummmmm.....funny you should mention it......... I just checked the mail.:rolleyes::ROFLMAO:

In fairness, I got the Caprice for a friend of mine, his Dad had one that we took out for a joyride around East Saint John one midnight when we were 15, thats another story, but we got away with it (lol).

Much like the Honda Civics I posted previously, my brother also had a Datsun 510, only his was orange, but close enough.

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Apparently I was so inclined, lol, I went back today and picked up the rest of the Running On Empty set.

Got a nice surprise when I discovered there was one 1954 F-100 that was a Green Machine, almost missed it because there was another, normal one on the rack, then I saw the green wheels.

Figured I had four out of the six, so might as well get the Chevy's too and close it out.


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I hate to break it to you Mike, ‘cause it might cause you to search and spend more. 😁

But, Running on empty has been around for at least a few years.
I picked up some pieces a couple years ago and seen them on and off since.
There’s several series of them.

I have a 56 F100 tow truck but in Texaco livery instead of Chevron.

I also have the 67 Cougar and 95 Escort Cosworth but both in STP livery as opposed to your Gulf and Texaco respectively.

Also have a 76 F100 regular half ton in Gulf livery.

Same or similar cars put out in different Running on empty series with different liveries.



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I knew Running On Empty had been around for years, that didn't come out right, I meant that Series 13 must have been a new issue.

There should be Series 5 of Vintage Ad Cars coming soon as well, I'm looking for that as well.


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Been a while, couple of interesting finds at the local Walmart.


Normally I'm not too interested in 50's diecast cars, but the lines on the Buick were really cool, so for $1, I scooped it.


Same with the Soobie, I remember the SVX back in the 90's, it was only around for 5 years or so, and wasn't a wild seller.

Kind of reminds me a bit of the Probe.

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