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True to a degree, we and they ( doctors) are realizing the vaccine dose not stop you
from getting or transmitting covid, this is more like a treatment than a vaccine.
It does lessen the affects and greatly lowers the odds of death or hospital stays, but does not guarantee
that either.

True Vaccines stop disease, what we are getting slows it down and is not permanent.
they are learning every day and in big picture still early days as far as viruses go.
New variant seems to married with cold sypmtons, which makes it far more contagious
but far less nasty in its affects. Also new variant seems to build natural immunity
once you have had, better than vaccines.

But again early days and only more time, testing and science will teach us.
They are many believe to many shots could lower the ability to gain natural
immunity if you get covid, so tough decisions and still much to learn.

this is ever changing and ever evolving, many things could change yet,
long way to go IMO.


It’s affecting the whole maritimes now.

The school in St-John where my son works was closed last week, and all this week so far, because a student teacher from St-FX tested positive after returning from that ceremony.
She had already been in the school for a number of days so contact tracing, isolation protocols and disinfecting going on.


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Not Really Funny for the Citizens of NS Scotia who’s Holiday Plans are Turned Upside Down by this Place of Higher Learning’s Actions
We’ve had our oldest granddaughter staying with us while her sister & mom are isolating due to a close contact classmate who was a positive case. Parents were at the X ring ceremony and seem to be the new variant case importers. Wide ranging impacts for what seems like an elitist ceremony. Sure, it was colouring inside the lines of the “rules” but those rules seem to have little impact on stopping case transmission.