2023 Race season

The Austrian GP had some fantastic racing and overtaking, both the sprint race in the wet, and the Grand Prix itself in the dry.
Great racing.
I agree, but they have to do something with the track limit rules, insane how much it played with outcome.
givethem pavement, grass, gravel everywhere else, they go outside of track limits, they will create thier own problems :)
Watched a bit of one of my favourite races on youtube last night via Chris Buescher's in-car cameras.... the night race at Bristol.

Thank God there was none of that gimmicky shit like putting dirt on the track, just racin' the way it oughta be.

I'm no Denny Hamlin fan, but he did have the best quote of 2023 (so far) in the post race interview :

Denny over the PA system to the booing crowd : I beat your favourite driver !!!!

Marty Snyder : Which one is that ??

Denny : All of them.. ( mike drop )