2021 World Juniors


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Canada has not played well, US is beating them at their own game.
Out skating and out working Canada.

Last part of 2nd Canada looked good, they will need to play like that, whole 3rd in
order to have a chance at this.

MC Stanger

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I enjoyed the games this year and Canada did very well to the end. Lots of talent in the last day with the medal rounds. Last night the screen started looking fuzzy around 12:30 AM but that may have had more to do with the Apple Pie Moonshine than the game on the TV.


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I agree US earned it, they outplayed Canada.
I beleive Canada was the better team, whether
got cocky or just had off night, but end of day
Best team won the game and got the gold.

Untill next year :)


Deserving team that night won the game.

Difference between one game winner take all and best of 7 series.

Sometimes better team falls if only one game.