2007 Mustang GT/CS Vert


Today is the end of an era. My old girl is gone to another home. I will still be lurking around the forums & probably will still appear to events here and there, but she's not replaced by another mustang for the moment. We'll see, I will probably get into another one, another day. It's been quite the journey, filled with ups and downs, but at the end of the day I had made her my own.
I cannot hide that I am actually way more emotional than I thought I would, but off to new things! (Whatever that may be).

No fear.....there is hope....

I despaired and felt bad in 2011 when I sold my '06 GT 'vert, but five years later , circumstances were right for the 2016 to be in the driveway.

There's always another Mustang around the corner, but after so many miles and so many smiles, it's hard to see the old one go.

Jesus, that Hallmark greeting card writers course is working for me. ;) :)