2001 Mustang BULLITT # 2058 5582 Produced and one of 722 Produced in True Blue

Fred, all this work. Come on, tell us. You must have considered a Coyote swap. Even for a few fleeting seconds.
Like you said, those are readily available on the aftermarket, so in theory, you could have saved some money.
Your original engine is gone anyways, so correctness is out the window now.
By the time I get it out of the shop , I'll be out around $2500 , plus the $2500 I spent this spring or tires , Clutch/Aluminum Flywheel , Lighting.

Only so much money to go around and my Wife and I just celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary , and I am looking forward to the 32nd , 33rd , ect. , ect. , ect. :FordSmile
Just got back from the Shop. When they opened the box from Taylor Ford this morning , it contained the Wrong Part. When they called Taylor Ford , they checked the Fine Print in their On Line Catalog for the Part my Shop Ordered and they Noticed the word DISCONTINUED. Hello they could have told my shop that last week. My shop will engineer a new one for me and I will be back on the road tomorrow.
Here's hoping they get the reworked part you need. There is always something that that catches up. If you're only a day late that's not so bad!
Got the car back Friday afternoon. It works better than when I bought it 5 years ago , and it was fine then.

Total Cost $3764.58

Used Motor $900.00

25 hours labor at $65 per hour $1625

Intake Gasket $100

New tap for intake $45

Oil change Pennzoil Synthetic $78.50

O2 Sensor $85

Water Pump $190

Coolant $58.70

Power Steering Fluid $27.00 (was due for change before motor swap)

AC Refrigerant 1.1 Lbs $17.55

Recover , Refill , test AC $100EGR

Connector $$21

Shipping Fee $11

Shop Supplies $20.

Intake Manifold , exhaust manifolds , valve covers , oil pan and dip stick from original motor transferred to new motor.
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The harsh reality of living in this great country of ours. Taxes!
Don't sweat the busted Mustang budget.
Enjoy it, unlike other busted budgets.
Glad to see it's all buttoned up for you.