Wanted 06 or older Mustang GT or V6 not convertible.

02 yellowgt

Dave and Bev Smith
Sorry Dave I thought you had said 06 or newer. My mistake.

I guess only you can decide once you see it and drive it.
No more road trips for awhile.If you took the 2003 red v6 and put four tires,a wheel bearing and buff the scratches out of the rear bumper it may be worth half of what they are asking.When he told me it was worth more than the 10k he was asking and I said not to me he started verbally abusing me.So I got into the car and left.Never want to go to Fredericton Junction again.


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I love the mindset of people that do something like that...... the dude verbally abused you Dave because he knew you were right, and he was pissed that you knew what you were looking at, and a pretty good idea of what it was worth I'm guessing. Way to work out a deal like an adult.

Those same people are the ones that waste your time when you're selling your car, and tell you its only worth half of what you're asking, like they just want you to give it to them for nothing.

The minute they walk away with a more than fair price, they proceed to tell everyone how they got something from you for next to nothing, like the value jumped as soon as they took ownership.

I know everyones circumstances are different, but these stories are one why I trade my vehicles in as opposed to selling privately, and why I buy new....... no patience for shysters and idiots.

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Reason why...in August 4 drivers license in the house and I have 4 vehicles ,they will want Jérémi as main driver on one of them. Not going to happen as no one but me is driving the mustang.😁

I was in that position too before.
You can request to sign a waiver or declaration that states only you (and wife) drive the Mustang.
I think it was an SEF-28, or close to that.
They adjust premiums accordingly and your son can still be occasional driver on another car.

They warn you Mustang not insured if he drives it.
Worked for me until my daughter had a car at school all winter this past year.
Then she became primary on that car but still not allowed to drive Mustang.
Premium adjusted accordingly.
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Thanks for the info, I'll give them a call tomorrow :)
Btw sorry for highjacking your thread Dave 🤭
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That Boss priced too high, even for what it is.
Maybe the GM dealer thinks Ford fans are idiots.

I have not researched market and even with used car market trending up, it’s high.
In 2019 you could get that car for under $40 k.

You can buy a new base GT 301A with PP1, Active exhaust, Bliss, Nav and adaptive cruise for that money and have way more car underneath you.
Not a limited edition name but more car.
More power, more handling, more braking, more exhaust and way more and better tech.
The Nav and adaptive cruise are part of the Safe and smart package.

And I even built it white with black factory stripe, just in case you absolutely have to have that colour combo, and you have enough money left for a tank of gas, a case of beer and a party pizza.








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Just for shits and giggles I asked them how much they would give me on trade 🤔 didn't make much sense ,this is the price they offer ,same as what I could possibly get if I sell it myself...on a trade, any other dealership would only give about $22-24
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Not necessarily.
The used car market has sky rocketed over the winter.
That offer is more realistic than you might think.

The lack of new inventory is driving up the price of used cars.
Law of supply and demand as Trevor said earlier.

That’s why I stated I had not checked the market for the Boss price, and still haven’t.
It may well be a current fair market price.
But I would not pay it at this time.

If I had $53000 for a Mustang, I would buy a new one as I described.
And have more car in the process.

So, if you were ever thinking of trading up to a new Mustang, now is the time if ever there was one.
You will get top dollar for your trade.

Example, we have a few 2020 and 2021 trade-ins on the lot and their current Black book used value or price is higher than they were worth when they were new last year.
This has never been seen before.

If you have the means, it’s a better deal to buy new right now than used.
The catch is that what you want may not be available due to shortages.

Covid and world wide micro chip shortages are factors.


Sorry Dave, don’t want to highjack your thread.

Depending on you.
We may have something for you.

We picked up basically a garage find as a trade on that Bullitt a few weeks back.

It’s a 90 GT hatch, grey in colour, automatic.
All original with kilometres only in the 50’s.
Has not driven much in the last 5 or more years.
Was never winter driven before that.
It’s a local car bought at our location new.

We did a new MVI on it.
All that was required was the two stabilizer dampers in the back and E brake shoes.
The dampers are horizontally mounted, one on each control arm.
We did a complete brake service.
All pins greased.

It has a light leak from the valve cover gaskets.
We are replacing those and will clean and service the PCV valve and filter when we do that.
We will do an oil change and coolant flush when we fo that.
Parts will be in tomorrow.

After that, it will be fully road worthy.

Then we will drop the transmission and rebuild it.
Reason is we have determined that the OD gear is not working.

We will address all issues before we show or advertise the car.

I can post a few dirty pics tomorrow.
You will see the storage dust still on the hood.


Here’s a few pics of the 90.
There is only heavy dust on the hood because it had an after market hood on it.
Original hood was included.
We put it back on. Looks much better like that.
Pic of other hood included.
It could be had with sale.

But pics with that much dust make for barn find drama. 😉

I was also off on the mileage, in a good way. It only has 46000 km.
I thought it had 56000.
Not a big average per year.
Pic of odometer included also.

In the interior shot, you see the gaskets for the valve cover job.










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That '90 GT is really sweet Marc, low mileage and mint condition, and personally I think the aftermarket hood is nice, but the OEM just works better with the whole look of the car.

I'm impressed with the amount of work going in to it to get it into top notch condition, good on the dealership.

I'd say anyone could buy with confidence.....be interested to see where it prices out.


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I agree Mike, good looking car and after the work should be real nice.
The work good, sound great and enough HP for a little excitment when required.
I am curious the have a dollar amount in mind or is that still top secret?


Yes on A/C.

No public price yet.
Serious enquiries would be entertained privately until we get all the work done.

You guys are getting sneak peek.
It’s not even displayed on our lot yet.