Have had 3 different Mustangs tuned several times over several years for various upgrades.

My advice would be, if you are going to tune, maximize the return with a quality high flow Cold Air Intake.
JLT, no. 1, Airaid, no. 2.

What is ESS?
It’s a forced induction set up. They come from the BMW camp originally but have been making big waves in the North American muscle lately. Similar to a Vortec or ProCharger style supercharger. Their kit looks very clean and it’s a do it yourself install. Website is ESStuning.com I believe.


I don’t know much about the BMW world, but Vortech and ProCharger, now there are a couple of Mustang heavy weights.

I’d stiil get the CAI if you’re going to tune between now and then.

At the rate things are going these days, you can probably sell it in a couple of years and make money. It will be useable through the 2023 model year cars.


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With any tuning shop we all know that most specialize in certain brands of vehicles. They are really good at some of the stuff they specialize in and ok at other stuff. This is why it’s always a good idea to do re search and ask around before bringing your vehicle to any shop.

if you do some research you will end up with a good shop. Even if you have to travel a bit to get to it.