Track photos


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So this is me in second place, most likely, in turn one at AMP. On a day similar to this I had the pole position and Dale in the yellow car had the outside pole. Races started with a rolling start. The green would drop sometimes well before the start line. So on this day we got it very early. We both hit the braking point at top speed side by side ( door handle to door handle).
This where things got out of hand.
Neither of us had the line for the turn one ahead, and neither of us wanted to lift and brake. So you can imagine what happens next. So when we decided to brake, obviously too late, we both go off track.
Unbeknownst to me I thought I was the only one to go off track. When the dust settled and I got out of the car, I looked around and could not see the yellow car. After a minute I was happier when I saw Dale standing on the roof of the yellow car in the middle of a small pond. I was happy he did not get by me. lol