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Gov are alwasy looking for a way to raise taxes or do cuts.
I say Cut environment Canada. I am sure it would scare us what it costs.
But I can attest what every they are spending or doing is not working.

How can you spend so many millions for that many years and have a success rate
of 4% They could hire 50 people across canada to look out there windows and give us
update and save millions


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You live too close to the coast.
It screws things up.
Move up here.
They aversge a lot better up here.
Cold is considtent.
Smow dumps are consistent.

When they say -30, we usually get it.
When tgey say 30 cm of snow, we usually get it.

You’ll have something else to complain about. 🤣

It’s all good.
ya thats what I want, its consistant up there because its minus 900 all winter.
down here they can't predict a 5 cm storm over 8 hours
turns into 10 over 15 lol, Idiots mostly.


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