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you say this like its something new, We deal with this stuff daily.
People are in a hurry and you are in there way,
police dont care as long as they nail a couple of stunters on 118 at 4am a week all is good.
SOmeone doing 90 km on Prtanlad street or through construction zone is all good.
We had a woman drive past the stop sign paddle and run into our flat deck. I wasn’t there that day


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Diesel has become an international star at Canoe22
Aliona has been helping out with some Ukrainian Athletes who are to compete
in the world championships on Lake banook, kinda cool
90 countries over a 1000 athletes, well Diesel has now posed with over 40 teams so far
he doesn't get far where Athletes from one country or another want pictures with him lol



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If anyone is looking for a good and reasonable place for powder coating in the Moncton area then give SB Powder coating a call. I just had the wheels for my Suzuki done.

Oh, and the owner Serge is a car guy with a corvette powered hot rod and a couple of Suzukis he uses in the woods.


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Canoe 22 in Dartmouth came to an end, I got a chance to see some action Sat and Sunday,
but very busy so not as much as I would have liked, Incredible how many countries past Olympians
and future hopefulls there, exciting racing with pretty good view and of course its free, ecept for cheap ass parking ticket :rolleyes:

Aliona helped the Ukrainian Olympic and Para Olympic team during there stay, we drives, sight seeing and in
many cases just what every was needed, they called her yeasterday, asked to come over last night,
All athletes stayed at Dalhousie residents, the presented her with a Ukrianina flag signed by all the athletes,
Some having competed and won at Olympics and world championships, was very cool.

From a Mustang angle we wnet over in the Mustang, so when young guys seen, the test drive with car folks began
was lots of fun and very cool how great these folks are, amazing how many other athletes from all over the world
stopped to chat, etc. Busy but fun 2 weeks.


Nice experience!

Those athletes all have some level of self discipline to achieve what they do.
They also learn from a young age that they represent their countries.
They’re all well behaved for the most part.


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Saw a Lightning at the local dealership as I drove by last week.

Before anyone starts chirping about "Pics or it never happened", I should have stopped then and took the pic, but I did not.

You're just going to have to trust me. lol

It was all blacked out, and it was the grille that set it apart from the normal F150's around it.

Interesting just form the perspective that it was on the lot, obviously sold before it was unloaded.