Taillight Tuesday


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Sebring 2015 neither car had been released yet
if you look in background you see a GT350 on its side.
they had displays of wheels cut in half and almost everything you could think
of for car guy

Highlite of day was the 8 laps in GT350 R
4 me driving, 4 Pro driver, super cool.
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Off topic slightly, but relevant to the discussion......

I typically like the foam cannon for quick wash jobs, followed by the Stihl blow dry, in between hand washes, or after road trips to get the bugs off ASAP before parking it.

I'm using the entry level ( $50) Simoniz foam cannon from CTC, and it's lasted for years.

Gives a heavy coat of foam, but uses a lot of soap to get that thick coat, although that may depend some on the soap you use.

If you looks really close , there are tail lights in the pic. ;):LOL::)