Spring Run


Rich Led our group, I took up tail for part of run,
Mike, bit hectic day, Atlanitc nAtionals weekend,
Moncton Taylor show ( as not ours) and fall run will give more folks time to just
hang out. and for new folks better chance to get to know people.

Great pics everyone. ?

Thank you to Rich for leading NS, Martin (NB) and whoever helped Aaron with the PEI group for being the back doors of these convoys of colourful and sometimes boisterous, but always beautiful cars.


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A free lunch at that

it takes many hands to make it all work that’s for sure !!
your so right, it is amazing how much help we get doing all this stuff.
From planning events, to the runs, to hotels, restaurants etc.
Easy for us to miss a name but its not just the 4-5 of us
who make this happen, Always lots of willing people to help.

Also a big shout out for everyone who comes, bringing cool cars
we all left the yard with shiny cars LOL. Maybe not so much when we arrived.
Such great cars and great people, makes it fun.

I can only speak for my self next, but these events for me make me smile all day
and reading this stuff now and seeing amazing pics, makes it so easy to want to plan the next thing.
Speaking of which, get ready folks, Our runs on Atlantic Nationals week, is just around the corner.
Lots of time to get cleaned up again ?


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Was a great turnout and a great time. As usual I took a few pics but not near enough lol. Also have videos but I have to figure out how to post those ?. Thanks to everyone who joined up on the run, big thanks to Taylor Ford Amherst who were a great host and fed a lot of hungry people. We appreciate it. Oh right….pictures ?