Show us a Pic of Your Family Pet

Here's Penny shortly after we got her at five years old. Shes gone now with all the other pets in doggy heaven.
This photo was a winner in the dog rescue calendar contest. She was affectionately know as the calendar girl.

Here's a sea water marine fish tank. We are down sizing our quantity of pets some by choice and some not. This tank is still operational, but in the process of a shut down. All the fish and most corals are sold off.

Here's Sadie our 17 year old beagle who is still going strong. We got Penny seven years ago thinking that Sadie was not going to recover from a back injury. She is still going strong.
The hounds have no brain, just a nose. always on the look out for a meal.

I would post a pic or two, but at the moment, I don't have any. Hopefully next week, if the computer lives.
Harley sorta runs the show around here.

That breakfast is making me hungry
TrueBlue02058;n1941 said:
Looks like he is well fed LOL. Jakes loves rolling around in the snow too. Around here he may have to wait till next winter to do that again.

Never misses a meal or snack time, anyone snacks count as snack time :)
TrueBlue02058;n1948 said:
With a Good Dog you don't need to sweep up in the kitchen or dining room. They don't miss a Crumb !

Sorry your confusing Harley with common dogs :D

He thinks he is a person, we need to bring a dog by to show them what they are.
His lunch is made ( not left overs) and hand fed to him by Aliona)
Make him a t-bone put it on a plate in front of him, he likely won't eat it LOL and yes I am serious.
He waits for Aliona to feed him, we go away he will eat, but not normally.
Treats we buy him, he will eat without issues, normally.

He likes when Bill & hugh drop by, they bring him titbits :)

Yes its my fault and now more so Aliona's he is spoiled to this level;)
Me and Penny at the camp having morning coffee last summer. I am still expecting to walk around the corner and find her in her chair. It is surprising to me how much we get attached to our pets.