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MC Stanger

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MC Stanger, welcome! Glad to see another corner of the Maritimes represented. Please post up some pics and let us know more about your Stang.

A short story…

Car is fairly stock. I like the 2.3 Ecoboost. It will kick it up when you want but I did not buy it to repave the roads with my tires. Premium has the Shaker audio and the interior ambient light features, upgraded and heated sets etc. I liked the premium rim package over the 5 spoke the V6 came with. Was debating on '17 vs '18 and after looking over the new design I really did not, and still do not favor the way they changed the front style. Seems like there is something missing in the lower corners. Also the '18 head lights do not taper back like before and follow the ridge line on the car. Now they point down at the front tire in the back. To me it breaks the style flow.

Previous one was the Mustang II with the 302 I posted in Cool Mustangs. That was before kids, then no Mustang, kids gone – Mustang is back! Happy with the independent suspension now instead of the solid axle. It was due and ride well.

I added a "Sho-n-Sto" plate bracket in the front. Did not want to drill any holes for the factory mount. It mounts from underneath with two screws where the rubber sweeper mounts. It has two rails and a pull pin which allows the plate and part of the bracket to slide out and disconnect. When it is off you cannot tell there is a mount at all. Good when traveling as you can pop it off overnight and not have it go missing. Or just take it off for the clean look.

Did have one tire issue. First set of tires wore out on the insides (when on front) down to the wire long before the rest of the treads. On the second set now from a different brand (60k on the car) and seen the same wear pattern starting. Picked up a set of camber bolts and put them on before the winter. That added another degree of outward tilt on the top. Will see how the summer goes. Handling still seems fine. Apparently the fixed alignment is factory. To correct it, mainly when lowering the suspension, some use bolts, some use slotted struts and some use the adjustable strut top plates. I went the $30 DIY bolt route.

Oh and if your air conditioning is weak before the warranty is up get it tested. I had to have the inside AC dash gear replaced. Not just a line leak or part in the engine. 2 days in the shop, complete dash removal. They said it would be over $2,000 after the warranty. Whew.

First summer went to St John's NFLD. 2,500 KM round trip and when we got back the avg was 6.9 L/100 KM so I am happy with that. I have a dash cam since day 1. One day at an Irving it caught the car parked ahead of me backing up by mistake before they pulled out until it hit the bumper. No major damage but the video had the driver getting in, then hitting the car and driving off. Short post on face book and had the name a few hours later. It was mostly a scuff mark from their license plate on the front bumper. Took it to a body shop in town and they did a complimentary buff out with a compound. Only I know it is there and not really noticeable so nobody is left on the hook. That was good.

It is a cruiser. Couple of PEI, NB, Cape Breton trips each year for sure. Not a lot of cruise groups our way yet. We did have two last year. One for a small mustang group and another in tribute to a young fellow who died in an accident who was really into the muscle car scene. I think there was over a hundred cars in that run. It was a good thing to do.

Anyway couple of pics. More to follow this summer for sure.

Point Prim, Digby.


PEI visit.


A neat idea. Got a good photo shot while at the terminal in NFLD. Had it printed on canvas at Walmart. Displays nice in 3D.